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School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) formerly known as the Department of Engineering Economics, it is one of the three major departments when BUPT was founded in 1955. The Department was rebuilt as the Management Engineering faculty at 1980, and it was organized as School of Management and Humanities when the Departments adjusted in 1997. In May 2000, the Department was reorganized as the School of Economics and management. In July 2008, some teachers who taught on Economic and Management of School of Law and Economics joined our school so that our educational force has been expanded and improved.

In the past 56 years, we always subordinate to the country's strategy and do great contribution to the development of economy and society of our country. We also take training people to serve the community and creating new knowledge as our responsibility, so that we are becoming the cradle of economic management professionals on telecommunication industry of China. We have trained kinds of professionals and specialists for the country and they have become the mainstay of the domestic telecommunications industry, and made a significant contribution to the development and reformation of the country's telecommunications industry. Therefore, our school is honored as "The cradle of IT elites" and is highly praised by the community

After 56 years of construction and development, the School of Economics and Management has a strong information & communication background, and distinctive multi-disciplinary. Our school is the earliest to establish management engineering university departments of more than thirty. The management disciplines have formed their own distinct advantages and characteristics of academic. The l subject Management Science and Engineering is a key discipline of Beijing from 2002. Some of our disciplines, such as Network economy and information economics, Communication theory and practice of business management, Communication network planning and management theory and application of e-commerce, Information and policies and regulations and etc., are maintaining a leading position in China, and highly recognized by the academic community.

By now, the academy disciplines of our school are including management and economics, and our school has a post-doctoral research stations (Management Science and Engineering), and a level one discipline authorization center of Dr. (Management Science and Engineering), and four level one disciplines authorization centers of postgraduate (Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Public Administration, Applied Economics), and six level two disciplines authorization centers of postgraduate (Information Systems and Information Management, Enterprises Management, Industrial Economics, Technology Economy and Management, International Trade, Political Economy), five professional degree authorization centers of postgraduate (MBA, EMBA, Project Management Engineering, Engineering Management, MPA).

At present, there are 9 undergraduate majors in our college, including Engineering management, Business management, Information system and information management, Electronic Commerce, Accounting, Marketing management, Economics, International economics and trade, Public Service Administration. In addition, our college has set 7 teaching research centers, Economics, Management, Systematic, Finance and accounting, Marketing management, E-commerce, International economics and trade, which are in charge of teaching management and research of undergraduate programs. Our college has made remarkable achievements in the recent 50 years.
● One of the first 13 colleges and universities which run a pilot scheme of Electronic Commerce (2001).
● Characteristic program: Electronic Commerce (2007)
● "Teaching team of research center of Electronic Commerce" led by Prof lv Tingjie was named Beijing outstanding teaching team of 2008
● Project "Professional knowledge system construction and innovation practice of Electronic Commerce" participated by Prof lv Tingjie and associate Prof Hu Tao is ranked the second class of the sixth session of National Higher Education for Teaching Achievement
● Research of regional economy theory and development of west regions of china by Prof Tu Hongwang , study of china security investment fund by associate professor Zhao Xiujuan are ranked the second class of the 11th Excellence of Philosophy and Scientific Knowledge of 2010 Beijing
● Quality curriculum of national level curriculum: Introduction to Electronic Commerce
● Quality curriculum of Beijing: Introduction to E-commerce, Communication Economics, Marketing

There are many research centers and key labs in our school, including Ministry of Industry and Information Technology information management and economics key labs, Beijing experimental teaching demonstration center, E-economics research center, Service management science institute, Information Industry Policy and Development Institute, Information Management and GIS Research Center, Postal Development Research Center, Large System Simulation Research Center, Industry Competition and Regulation Research Center, Industrial Organization and Marketing Research Center, Communications Economic and industrial competitiveness Research Center, Networks Industry Research Center, VAS Research Center, Network Economics and Business Intelligence Research Center, Social Network Information Management and Service Research Center and etc. We have made fruitful achievements in scientific research on communication management theory and practice, the network economy and information economics, management theory and application of e-commerce, information technology and policies and regulations and other fields. Our school is at the leading position of the average research funding, high-level papers, books, textbooks, translations, etc. in China.

Our school undertook some state-level key research issues, including 21 projects for the National 863 Program, 5 projects for the National Natural Science Foundation, 1 project for the National Soft Science, 14 projects for the Ministry of Education on humanities and social sciences. Many other projects come from Ministry of Science, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Justice, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences and International Corporation. We have done thousands of enterprises research issues, and our research funding is up to 20 million Yuan each year.

Our college has always attached importance to strengthen the international cooperation with foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in scientific research and high-level talents training fields. Up to now, we have established widely academic and research cooperation relationship with many universities which distribute in different countries, such as the United States, France, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries and regions. Both sides exchange and accept the other's teachers as visiting scholars or guest professors. At the national high-level overseas students' projects, both sides regularly send almost five students abroad to receive the joint training for half or one year, etc. It can be said that the forms of the cooperation and exchanges are diverse and flexible. At present, the implementation of the international cooperation projects are including the DBA education project with French Reyn High Business School (the Industry and Commerce Management Doctor), the graduate student exchange programs with the United States Illinois University of Science and Technology and France Institute of Telecom Engineering. There are also EMBA cooperation programs with Lyon French Reyn Business School. The international exchange and cooperation programs are conducive to the horizon of our students. More and more students are earlier in close touch with the newest advanced technology and management concepts all over the world. It also improves the students' comprehensive quality and ability in the environment of international cooperation.

All in all, the atmosphere of further study has produced profound influence on the students' international awareness and intercultural communication ability.

Committed to developing to be the domestic first-class and world famous college, to be cradle of the economic and management senior talents, which is excellent in teaching and research as well as social service.

To provide high quality economic management education which is adaptive for the development of our current society informatization, to cultivate social elites who are virtuous, learned , gregarious and industrious, ones who have innovative thoughts, social responsibilities and international perspectives, to devote to management practice and economic development of China as well as the whole world!

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