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We are living in a great age; it is so great because it is characteristic of two historic events. One is contemporary information revolution caused by the invention of the first electronic computer in 1946; the invention of the first micro processing chip has greatly accelerated this revolution; one the other is China's peaceful rise marked by the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949; Reform and Open Policy proposed by Comrade Deng Xiaoping has greatly accelerated the process of China's peaceful rise. Obviously, these two important historic events have close correlation. On the one hand, China's peaceful rise must seize the opportunity offered by the contemporary information revolution in order to speed up the economic and social transformation and realize great-leap-forward development. On the other hand, only by entry and contribution of china whose population is one fifth of the whole world, the information revolution and economic and social achievements brought by it can be more magnificent. Hanging on to the essential characteristics and all the aspects to keep them in the condition of mutual promotion is all about of our national informatization.

The correlation has best described the mission of School of Economics and Management, which is to do contribution for the development of contemporary information revolution and the more to China's peaceful rise as own duty. In the past fifty years of running process our teachers and students comply with the school motto "Morality, Erudition, Dedication, Partnership " and diligently explore, so that we have gradually formed distinctive educational thoughts and teaching ideas. We are developing through the good reputation of "Huangpu Military Academy of the economic management talents in the telecommunication industry" towards "the cradle of IT elites". Living in this great age we will seize the opportunity and go on struggling to complete our responsibility. Welcome all the people who share the same goals join us!

Zhou Hongren

Sep 2008

Message from the Executive Dean

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