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1954 Hu Mingshi, former deputy director general of Tianjin Posts and Telecommunications Administration Bureau, was transferred to the preparatory department of Beijing Institute of Posts & Telecommunications to be responsible for preparing to set up the department of engineering economics.

1955 Department of posts and telecommunications engineering economics founded, offering . the first Bachelor's program in economics and organization for the Posts and Telecommunications enterprises. A former USSR expert named BOTEGELUOJIECIJI, was appointed as consultant of Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, to teach postgraduates and the teachers of the department on posts and telecommunications economics .

1956 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications formally appointed Mr. Hu Mingshi as the Chairman of the department of posts and telecommunications engineering economics.

1960 Establishing two Bachelor's programs, i.e. Postal Machinery and International Communications.

1967 The department was abolished because of the Culture Revelation in China.

1979 The department of management engineering re-established at BUPT.

1980 Establishing Bachelor's programs of posts and telecommunications management engineering and taking in postgraduates for Master degree at same time.

1981 The Communications Technology-Economy and Management Modernization Committee and China Institute of Communications were founded, and affiliated to the department of management engineering.

1984 Being authorized to establish Master's program of Industry Management Engineering by the State Council.

1985 Establishing Bachelor's programs for the Postal Service and Management (ended in 1997).

1988 Establishing Bachelor's program for the Posts and telecommunications Economics and Management (renamed as Bachelor's program of Economics in 1997).

1990 Being authorized to establish Master's program for Transportation Economics by the State Council, and recruiting starting to take in students for Master degree in 1991.

1993 Being authorized to offer Ph.D. degree of Management Science and Engineering.

1994 Establishing Bachelor's program for Information Management and Information System.

1997 Establishing the School of Management and Humanity by combining the department of management engineering and the department of social science. Authorized to establish Master's program of Industry Economics.

1998 Approved to offer the Master degree on Business Management. Approved to establish pilot Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program experimentally, and starting to take in first MBA students at the same year. Starting offering the Bachelor degree for Business Administration.

2000 School of Economics and Management established, base on the department of Management Engineering at Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications.

2001 Ministry of Personnel, R.P.C. authorized SEM to found Post-doctoral program of Management Science and Engineering.Approved to establish a Bachelor's program for E-commerce as the first tier universities, and students taken in the same year. Holding the first BUPT-SK Telecom New Year Forum successfully. The MBA program of BUPT passed the education qualification evaluation of Degree Committee of State Council.

2002 Ministry of Education authorized Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications to establish the Key Laboratory of Information Management and Information Economics. The laboratory was affiliated to the School of Economics and Management. The fifth committee of Communications Technology-Economy and Management Modernization Committee, China Institute of Communications was founded, and was renamed as Communication Management Committee, China Institute of Communications formally. Holding the second BUPT-SK Telecom MBA New Year Forum successfully. Holding the first Century Forum successfully.

2003 Approved to offer the Master degrees for Information Management and Information System, Technology Economy and Management. The MBA program of BUPT obtained the 22nd place in "China MBA Billboard with Strongest Influence" by Manager of World and Sina websites. Publishing "the Collection of Rules and Regulations of the School of Economics and Management" formally.

2004 Authorized to establish the Master's program of Project Management. Establishing the Bachelor's program of Accounting. Holding a successful "Telecommunications Regulation Academic Summit" together with the College of Communications Management, Pennsylvania State University.

2005 successfully hosted the 19th International telecommunications traffic Conference. Professor Liang took charge of the chairman of the program committee, While Vice President and Professor Xin assumed the vice-chairman role, and Professors of Lv, Shuhua Ying and Wan Yan are the committeeman.

2006 Professor Lv Tingjie won the first session of "Distinguished Teacher of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications" in 2006, and successfully hosted an ITS2006 international conference as the chairman of the program committee, he was also elected to be the executive director of ITS. Zhao Houlin as the adjunct professor and doctor tutor was elected to be the new secretary-general of the international telecommunications union.

2007 Professor Lv Tingjie was awarded the honour of the third session distinguished teacher in Beijing institution of higher education, Lv successfully held the International Conference on Enterprise Integration Information System (CONFENIS 2007). Shu Huaying, the director of the academic learning committee, assumed the role of the conference chairwoman, Professor Lv and Professor Xin shouldered the chaiman and chairwoman respectively of the Organizing Committee. Qi Jiayin as the Associate professor was responsible for china program president.

2008 The teaching team of E-Commerce research center lead by Professor Lv was awarded the outstanding teaching team of Beijing. Professor Liang Xiongjian edited the textbook Theory and Practice of communications network planning, was named the 2008 Beijing Higher quality education reference. MBA in the BUPT ranked 11th of the world's leading Chinese management magazine World Executive Weekly and the Columbia Journalism Review 2008(sixth session) as the most influential MBA. The economic and management college and LIRNEasia co-sponsored the Third International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Communications Policy Research in multi-purpose hall of Science and Technology Building at our school, experts and scholars from the United States, Britain, France and other 22 countries attended the meeting. Colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education hire foreign teachers on the key projects named measure the digital divide, organized Measure and Narrow Digital Divide Forum in Science and Technology Building in our school.

2009 Associate professor Wu Jun was selected in 2008 Excellent Talent Support Plan held by Ministry of Education. Zhao Baoguo was awarded the title of outstanding teacher of Beijing. Marketing course led by Professor Hu Chun was marked as 2009 Beijing Quality Course. Zheng Dazhao( Hong Kong Polytechnic University), is the first ChangJiang scholars lecture professor of Ministry of Education in the history of our school. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has obtained the permission of establishing Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) professional degree education. Strategy Research center of developing into high level and characteristic university of BUPT is one of 5 Strategy Research centers of Ministry of Education. The program "Professional knowledge system construction and innovation practice of E-commerce of Colleges" participated by Prof Lv Tingjie and Associate Prof Hu Tao was ranked in the second class of The sixth Teaching Achievement of National Higher Education. "Introduction to E-commerce" course was authorized as 2009 constructing project of National Quality Course.

2010 Professor Qi Jiayin was selected for New Century Excellent Talents Program in 2009, the program was hold by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications honored the Top 9 of the 2010 China's most influential MBA rankings and Top 5 of China's most potential MBA rankings, which was organized by World Executive Weekly and Columbia Journalism Review. Professor Cha Hongwang compiled the "New Research on regional economic theory and development of Western China" and Professor Zhao Xiujuan compiled "China Securities Investment Fund Evaluation", the two papers had won the second prize of the 11th of Philosophy and Social Science Research Excellence Award, this is the first time for our school.

2011 Our school's Associate Professor Zhao Yuping gave a speech on "knowledge of looking for work" in CCTV-10 Lecture Room, it's the first time our teacher giving speech on such TV-show. On behalf of our university, Vice-president Ren Xiaomin signed the "General Agreement on strategic cooperation" and "Master of Business Administration Agreement" with the Professor Patrick Molle, who is the President of EMLYON Business School. School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications won the Top 9 of the 2011 China's most authoritative EMBA ranking, which was hold by the Chinese EMBA first web portal "China EMBA ". MEng-PM of BUPT got the international authentication from American PMI GAC.

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