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Admission Requirements

1.Master degree acknowledged by Ministry of Education in China or other foreign countries
2.Engaged in management for 5 years or above; applicants with less than five-year working experience , but with research outcomes of management theories or certificates of enterprise management acknowledged by the State will be approved after the evaluation. Applicats conforming to the above requirments can apply after the approval of the school.

Tuition fees
Tuition fee RMB400,000, the tuition fee for renew is RMB20,000 per year.
Tuition fees cover all of fees arising from attending lectures, teaching materials, translation, faculty resource (library and computer center), oral defense of dissertation and coffee break.
The doctoral degree awarding ceremony held in France are at students' own expense.

Application procedure
1.Applicants submit materials
Fully completed and signed DBA application form in Chinese and English;
Copy of passport or ID;
Certified copies of your academic transcript and your academic record of your latest degree;
Six recent passport-sized photos (two-inch color photos);
Two business cards in Chinese and in English;
Two recommendation letters in Chinese and English;
Application fees: 1200 RMB (non-refundable);
2.After the evaluation of the qualification and background materials of applicants, the school will grant the Entrance Exam Notice to the qualified applicants.

Application methods
Applicants either download the application form on www. esc-rennes. org. cn or demand the application form to the program office. After filling in the application form together with application materials mentioned above, applicants send or fax all of application materials to the program office. After the qualification evaluation, the program office will grant the Entrance Exam Notice to the qualified applicants.

Exam and admission
Entrance exam is made up of two parts. The first part is the written exam in Chinese. The second part is an interview including personal interview and leadless group discussion.

Recruitment Evaluation Committee gives the comprehensive evaluation of applicants' qualification referring to their curriculum vitae as well as their performance of written exam and interview and recruits only those who are best qualified. The Committee then grants the formal admission notice to the qualified applicants.

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