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The length of DBA program lasts 36 to 60 months that includes 2 stages. The first stage is Core programme with the time of 18 months. The second stage is the thesis writing, editing and defence with the time of 18 to 42 months. After completing all of courses, successfully passing the oral defense of dissertation and obtaining the credits required by the doctoral degree, students are qualified to apply for the DBA degree of ESC Rennes.
Stage I Core Programme
The core programme consists of the following compulsory courses and specialisation seminars in management and research methods:
Compulsory courses
  1. 1. Economic Theory

  2. 2. Enterprise Environment and Strategic Management

  3. 3. Game Theory

  4. 4. Strategic Marketing

  5. 5. Value Based Corporate Finance

  6. 6. Human Resources Management

  7. 7. Research Methods:

    • Research Module 1 (Qualitative Research):
      —Literature review,
      —Research question,
      —Research process and methods,
      —Qualitative research

    • Research Mocule 2 (Quantitative Research):
      —Quantitative research,
      —Empirical research and advanced statistics

A DBA program can be designed especially for a group of executive managers from one specific industry, for instance the telecom industry. In this event, compulsory courses content can be adjusted in order to focus on issues related to this specific industry. Where relevant, from a teaching and learning perspective, compulsory courses content and material will be modified. For instance, case studies on companies from the relevant industry will be used. For this reason, the choice of elective courses offered to students can also be modified.
Specialisation seminars
Depending on their own interests and research area, students can also choose two elective courses among the following:
  1. 1. Leadership and Local Culture

  2. 2. International Business Law

  3. 3. International Finance and Financial Markets

  4. 4. Business Ethics

  5. 5. CRM

  6. 6. Management Control

This list of seminars is indicative and can vary depending on each cohort special research areas and specialisation (if any).For instance: CRM in the Telecom Industry
Stage II Thesis Writing, Editing and Eefence
This stage is dedicated to students' research, to the writing and editing of their thesis and the defence of their thesis in front of a jury.
Based on the Research proposal submitted and validated during stage 1, students will pursue their research in order to write and submit their thesis and defend their thesis.
After completing all of basic courses and successfully passing the oral defense of dissertation, ESC Rennes School of Business will validate the student's credits required and then award the DBA degree to the qualified student.

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