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DBA program (Doctor in Business Administration) is a doctoral program specially designed for senior managers in business administration based on the courses of DBA program provided in ESC Rennes School of Business. Its objective is to improve not only the theoretic knowledge of management, economics and finance for senior mangers in business administration field and elites in economic circle but also their ability of solving decisive important and difficult problems in practice. It is a program designed to solve core issues in the corporate strategic level with more systematic, strategic, scientific and professional application of theoretic knowledge after the completion of MBA, EMBA or other relevant master programs.
This program perfectly satisfies the needs of senior mangers and their enterprises. Students participating in DBA program usually demonstrate their extraordinary ability called "DLSS":
  • • Decision

  • • Leadership

  • • Specialty

  • • Strategy

During the course of pursuing studies, writing dissertation and finally obtaining the doctoral degree, students can gain more thoughts through hard work, communication in a high level and the latest information, which lay a solid social foundation for their future career development.

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