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EMBA education mode is internationally recognized as the most rapid and effective teaching methods of training senior managers, which is different from traditional education in curriculum and teaching organization. The program aims to improve the personal comprehensive management ability of excellent administrative leaders and enterprise executives, cultivating their thinking ability based on enterprise systematic management and strategy development to involve in the international market competition.
In order to achieve a high level of educational objective EMBA program of BUPT has designed several characteristic sections, academician rostrum, flexible classroom, Double-tutors system, business model innovation projects.
(Ⅰ)Academician rostrum Authoritative and pioneering rostrum and academic feast led by academicians such as Zhu Gaofeng, the former Executive Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and persons in authority of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. The rostrum will adhere to "Prospective, Guidance and Innovation" theme to cultivate senior managers who have the leading and innovation thought in the communication industry.
(Ⅱ)Double-tutors system EMBA program of BUPT adopts Double-tutors system, professors and entrepreneurs. We have famous professors of domestic and overseas and entrepreneur team of business elites to improve students' academic and practical ability. Moreover, all the enterpriser tutors are excellent leaders of communication industry and upstream and downstream industrial.
(Ⅲ)Business model innovation project In this project distinguished tutor group composed by leading persons of business field directs students to accomplish a planning scheme created from business model. The project adopts team competition model, and each team is directed by distinguished professor. The final results are evaluated by college professors, industry experts and a jury composed by venture investment advisers from several aspects to promote the valuable research achievement to put into effect.
(Ⅳ)Flexible classroom EMBA program of BUPT has always attached great importance to the combination with regional economy, incorporation of internationalization and indigenization, industry development and model innovation. In order to promote communications between EMBA students and business people and officials, the program has adopted flexible classroom model other than common classroom model for the practical demands. In this way we can communicate more conveniently with regional government, investigate regional excellent enterprise and learn from their managerial experience.
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