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To achieve the objectives, BUPT EMBA Program has many distinctive education modes including academician lecture series, mobile lectures, dual tutorial system, and innovative business models.
I. Academician Lecture Series
Academicians present a series of authoritative and cutting-edge lectures. One of the most influential academicians lecturing for our EMBA students is Zhu Gaofeng, the former Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Authoritative figures in the information industry from both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering are invited to create an "Academic feast". The main theme of the lectures is "Vision, leadership and Innovation", aiming at nurturing senior managers to develop vision and innovation in the information industry.
II. Dual Tutorial System
BUPT EMBA Program has adopted the dual tutorial system: distinguished professors from home and abroad and elite entrepreneurs in the information industry are invited to form the teaching team. Therefore, students will learn the rules of organizational development through advanced theories and understand strategies of enterprise management through best practices.
III. Innovative Business Model
Under the guidance of special supervisors who are business gurus, students will develop corporate business models or improvement plans. Such a project will be carried out in the form of team competition. Each team will be guided by a special supervisor, and the matching of teams with special supervisors is decided through bi-directional selection process. Team projects which have market value will be given substantial support in their implementation.
IV. Mobile Lectures
BUPT EMBA Program has always attached great importance to its integration with regional economy, combination of internationalization and localization, and industrial development and operational model innovation. To enhance the communication between EMBA students and regional political figures and business elites, mobile lectures together with traditional lectures, are specially designed to meet instructional requirements and students' demand. Mobile lectures will be given in non-local places, and multiple teaching methods will be adopted so as to enhance communication with local government. At the same time, students will be able to have the opportunity to tour outstanding local enterprises, and learn practical managerial techniques.
V. High-level Platform for the Information Industry
BUPT Alumni Association boasts more than 50 branch associations at home and abroad. BUPT EMBA Program students can benefit from the entire BUPT alumni network. It has established its own association, aiming to build up a high-level human resources platform, which will serve and benefit EMBA students, and establish a communication platform for students, social and business elites, help to realize students' professional development and corporate development.
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