Home Academic Programs GEMBA Program Admissions Criteria

1、Qualification Examination
(1) Admission Requirement for International Students?
Undergraduate degree from a recognized university, equivalent to a Bachelor's degree; At least 5 years work experience, including at least 3 years management experience.
Associate degree need at least 8 years work experience, including at least 5 years management experience.
(2) Can the Central Party School of the university or college degree apply?
Yes, the Central Party School and the Workers Amateur University can apply.
(3) Does not have a university degree or associate degree can apply?
Yes,but applications are required to submit apply, the Admissions Committee specifically consider the occupation background and development potential and decide whether to enroll.
2、 Get the application form and guide
There are three ways to get the GEMBA project information and materials:
(1) Fill in the preparatory form or register online
(2) Download the application form online
(3) Call for an application form (010-62281005)

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