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1、 What's the difference between EMBA and MBA?
Executive MBA (EMBA) programme is designed based on the full-time MBA programme, but tailored in its curriculum, course coverage, teaching methodology and schedule to meet the special needs of senior executives. The programme allows senior business managers to pursue MBA degrees on a part-time basis.
The major difference between the two programmes lies in their respective participants. EMBA participants have an average work experience of over 8 years while MBA students only have 3 years of work experience on an average. Therefore, even for the same course, the requirements for EMBA students are much higher than those for MBA students. Second, the intensive schedule for EMBA participants requires stronger learning and time management abilities. Last, as many EMBA participants have earned outstanding achievements and even formulated a set of their own managerial methods, it is equally important for them to unlearn old habits. Consequently, this requires strong mentality and maturity for participants.
2、 What is the difference between GEMBA and regular EMBA?
GEMBA is one of the Executive MBA Programs offered by EMLYON business school. After successfully completing the program requirements, students will earn a globally recognized EMBA degree from EMYLON. The GEMBA including 50% of Chinese professors and 50% of the foreign professors, and through short-term overseas study tours and industry exchange students can really feel the forefront of the development of the Information Industry.
3、Do I need to be able to speak Chinese, French, or English?
Chinese is the language of instruction throughout the programme

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