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BUPT MBA program is one of the major programs of the School of Economics and Management (SEM), which was developed from Department of Engineering and Economics. With the deepening of economic reform, the objectives of SEM have been changed to cultivate entrepreneurs and senior managers with practical experience and strategic vision, who will be leaders pushing China's information industry to the world leading position.

SEM has eight undergraduate disciplines, including engineering management, business administration, information management and information system, economics, e-business, accounting, marketing and public affair management. SEM has 10 master-degree disciplines, including information management and information system, industrial economics, business management, technology economy and management, international trade, administrative management, MBA, project management and engineering management, among which management and engineering disciplines are authorized to offer doctoral degree programs. By the year 2012, SEM has 27 professors, 51 associate professors, among whom 20 are doctoral supervisors and 63 are master supervisors. SEM has also invited over 40 outstanding entrepreneurs and distinguished professors from other universities as adjunct professors or guest professors.

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