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Ding Shengxiang
Vice-president of Beijing Guochuang Futong Communication Co., Ltd.
Ma Yinping
President of Beijing Tongchang Telecom Planning & Designing Institute Co., Ltd.
Fang Gang
Vice-president of Sohu
Wang Shiwen
Chief Inspector of HP China
Zuo Feng
General Manager of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited
Ji Hangjun
Chief Software Architect of Datacomo Communications Technology Co., Ltd.
Liu Zhengyu
Legal Representative of RIM China
Liu Jun
Senior Vice-president of Alcatel-Lucent ShanghaiCo., Ltd. Bell
Liu Yang
Vice-president of Beijing Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Chen Yuhua
Senior Vice-president of Alcatel-Lucent ShanghaiCo., Ltd. Bell
Yue Yunlei
Vice-president of AllPKU
Zhu Shouyu
General Manager of THETA Networks Co., Ltd.
Jia Haifang
Deputy General Manager of UNISK( Beijing)InformationTechnologyCo., Ltd.
Huang Weimin
Executive Partner of Grandall Legal Group (Beijing) Law Firm
Huang Xiang
Executive Vice-president of IDG
Kan Jianjie
General Manager of Marketing Department of Tianjin Mobile
Dai Maoyu
Deputy General Manager of Ningbo Bird Co., Ltd.
Chen Yuping
Director of Customer Complaint Department of China Academy of Telecommunication Research of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Guo Sheng
CEO of Zhaopin.com
Liu Deyan
General Secretary of Liaoning Jinxi Natural Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. of China North Industries Group Corporation
Pi Miyuan
Deputy General Manager of Beijing Wuse Fengma Clothing Co., Ltd.
Wang Xiang
Producer and Supervisor of Beijing Polo Arts Int'l. Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Xu Taiying
President of Ericsson College in China of Ericsson (China) Communications Co., Ltd.
Zhang Yanzhao
Chief Accountant of Beijing Capital Retailing Group Co., Ltd.
Zeng Jiangqian
Chief Accountant of China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd.
Fu Jinlin
Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Gohigh Data Networks Technology Co., Ltd.
Wang Wei
Director of the Staff Training Center of the Human Resources Department of China Telecom
Li Haiying
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Splendor Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Li Zhengming
General Manager of Aerospace Assets Management Corporation
Yang Hongjie
General Manager of Tianjin Broadcast & TV Networks Corporation

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