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Professors with Extensive Knowledge and Global Vision

The majority of the faculty have rich consulting experience, and have taken the lead nationally in research and teaching in information industry management, and have become well-known experts in the information industry. Many faculty have pursued their academic study overseas and have developed international vision. The school has also invited many well-known entrepreneurs and experts in the information industry as guest professors to give lectures so as to enhance academic communication and broaden students' horizons.

Guest Supervisors with Diverse Expertise

Besides full-time academic supervisors, students also have guest supervisors overseeing students' integrated projects, giving lectures or presenting workshops or salons, so as to provide students with opportunities to participate in solving practical business problems to enhance students' innovative executive ability. During the two years since the launch of the guest supervisor program, 33 well-known entrepreneurs and industrial experts have been invited as guest supervisors, and have made positive contributions to MBA teaching and improvement of students'

Integrated Innovation through Practice

BUPT MBA takes it as its major responsibility to cultivate students' innovative ability and stimulate their imagination. The integrated innovation program is carried out through start-up business and living case. The start-up module is guided by guest supervisors, who offer suggestions to students on how to finish start-up plans and seek risk investment; the living case module is guided by full-time supervisors, who guide students to solicit integrated innovation projects and design consulting solutions. The companies or government agencies which provide the integrated innovation projects will evaluate the consulting solutions. Through the integrated innovation program, students can fully integrate knowledge acquired from lectures with practical experience to improve innovative ability and entrepreneurship.

Brilliant the second classroom

Career Development Plans Right from the Start

MBA center has cooperated with famous head hunters (51job, ChinaHR, 51mobilejob) to help students make career plans from the time students enter into this program. Students will enhance their comprehensive quality through training sessions on analysis of current situations and development trends in the information industry, career prospects and job-seeking skills. Many job fairs are organized and recruitment information is also provided so that students will have more opportunities in job seeking or promotion.

Abundant Human Resources Pool--Alumni

MBA has more than 2,900 MBA alumni and outstanding alumni from the information industry, many of whom have taken up important managerial positions in enterprises or government agencies. MBA students become BUPT Alumni members when they enter into in this program. MBA students are welcome to participate in alumni events so that they will have opportunities to have in-depth communication with distinguished alumni. MBA Alumni Association integrates the resources of all BUPT graduates and organizes various kinds of alumni events, providing MBA students with a platform for communication and support in their career development.

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