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  • The MBA program aims to cultivate managerial talents with leadership potential and innovative executive ability, integration of technology and management, combinations of scientific approaches and artistic sensitivity, and innovation as the driving force.

  • BUPT MBA Program

  • BUPT MBA Program started formal enrollment in 1998. The BUPT MBA program has taken full advantage of the resources of BUPT as a comprehensive university with information and telecommunication technology as its main feature, engineering and science as its main focus and a combination of engineering, management, humanities and sciences as its main pursuit. Thus, the BUPT MBA program has attached great importance to research in the telecommunication and information industry, and cultivation of talents specializing in these areas. By the end of 2012, it has had a total enrollment of 3,323 students. The majority of the graduates have been working for the Ministry of Information and Industry, telecommunication operators and global suppliers, as well as information manufacturing corporations.

    In 2012, based on the special features of BUPT, the School of Economics and Management (SEM) launched a new MBA curriculum. Based on the concept of taking information industry as its solid basis and taking full account of the development in the information industry as a starting point, the new curriculum fully acknowledges the importance of imparting knowledge, and attaches more importance to comprehensive ability cultivation. MBA students not only systematically acquire managerial knowledge, but also improve soft skills, innovative ability and entrepreneurship through guest professor lectures, field visits and lectures, innovative practice, case study competition and guest supervisors' guidance. Thanks to the new curriculum, MBA students can develop global vision, greatly enrich professional relations, and become professional management talents who have leadership potential and innovative executive ability.



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