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Brief Introduction to BUPT EDP
As an old Chinese saying goes “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a life time”. Aiming to cultivate elites in the information age, BUPT EDP offers training programs to middle and senior managers in the following six major types of courses, including lecturers on the latest development of the industry, core management courses, classical management courses, ICT featured courses, network finance courses, logistics and supply chain management courses. Through case study, EDP helps students explore about themselves in-depth; Through short-term outstanding teacher lectures, EDP helps students challenge their old mindset and realize breakthrough. Thus, EDP helps students and their corresponding enterprises realize sustainable development.
The value of EDP lies in identifying the core problem and providing total solution. At the same time, EDP professors summarize the best practice of the enterprise and study its underlying principles. Based on these findings, a widely applicable theory can be developed and applied to management; also, we will, based on our clients’ organizational structure, invite political and business elites to share their valuable experience and insights.
Based on rich teaching and research resources in ICT, BUPT EDP center has developed keen insight in ICT application trend and business prospect, and developed a series of technology course, aiming to provide our clients with “teachnology+management” training package.
BUPT EDP strives to become an important partner in our clients’ process of establishing learning organization.
To cultivate future leaders in information industry and to promote global information industry development.
Under the guideline of BUPT motto of Great Virtue, Profound Knowledge, Total Commitment and Harmonious Cooperation and the spirit of Valuing Dedication and Pursuing Excellence, EDP center has long kept a serious attitude in training development, pursued global training concept, promoted successful global management essence, and provided total solution.
Core Values
►Serving Enterprises: to develop strategic partner relationship with enterprises and realize mutual development;
►Continuous Innovation: to develop core competitiveness through research and facilitate project development;
►Team Cooperation: to maintain unity as the source of power and competitiveness;
►Dedication:to be responsible for our clients, for the reputation of our university and for self-development.

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