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1. Abundant Highly Qualified Faculty

BUPT EDP center boasts a global, diversified and professional faculty team, who have taken leading roles in relevant areas. The majority of faculty has pursued their study overseas, such as U.S.A., Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, and Britain. These faculty have years of experience in management teaching and research; they also have rich consulting and management experience in the area of ICT industry; they enjoy an international background and also have in-depth understanding of domestic industry practice.
SEM has also invited many famous entrepreneurs and elites of the industry as guest professors, including the Academician of Chinese of Academy of Engineering Mr. Zhu Gaofeng, the Academician of Chinese of Academy of Engineering Mr. Li Jingwen, President of the University of Tokyo谷川利治, University of Technology of Denmark Professor V.B. 伊沃森, tenured professor of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Si Xiaofu,Director of ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector Zhao Houlin, Vice-president of the ITU Telecommunication Development Consulting Group David Miller, and etc. SEM has also invited many political and business elites as our adjunct professors, including the former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Mr. Wu Jichuan, Vice-president of China Mobile Mr. Lu Xiangdong, Vice-president of China Telecom Mr. Yangjie, Vice-president of China Unicom Mr. Li Gang, Alcatel-Lucent Global Vice-president Ms. Qiu Ronghong, CEO of Greater China of Google Mr. Liu Yun. These adjunct professors give lecturers and promote academic exchange, leading students to the latest development and broadening students’ horizon.
2. Diversification and Integration of Industry
Thanks to the outstanding faculty of BUPT, EDP program is able to fully explore diversification and integrate industry features into courses. Besides the general management knowledge and techniques, professors have carefully selected cases which are closely related to information industry, particularly domestic information industry. In these cases study, professors lead students to do in-depth discussion and analysis, helping students develop practical ability.
3. Abundant Human Resources Pool and Comprehensive Alumni Network
At BUPT, we believe that alumni are invaluable to us and are the most important part of our BUPT family. Alumni associations link alumni with alumni and alumni with Alma Mater. Alumni associations organize forums, lectures, seminars and various other kinds of activities, providing valuable opportunities and platforms for alumni to update knowledge, share experience, make in-depth discussions, explore business opportunities, deepen friendship, and etc. At present, BUPT has established alumni associations in 31 provinces and municipalities and many overseas associations have also been established such as in Japan, Australia, America, Singapore, and etc. These alumni associations have already taken an active role in organizing events for alumni.
BUPT SEM have over 3000 EDP, EMBA, MBA,DBA alumni, many of whom have become important force in pushing social, economic and industrial development, including former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Mr. Wu Jichuan, Deputy-minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyMr. Liu Lihua, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Huang Wenlin and ShaYuejia, General Manager of China Telecom Wang Xiaochu and Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Yang Jie, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Tong Jilu, Pei Aihua, Li Gang and Jiang Zhengxin, and etc. All EDP student are members of BUPT alumni association and are welcome to participate in alumni events so that they will have opportunities to have in-depth communication with distinguished alumni.Alumni Associations integrate the resources of all BUPT graduates and organize various kinds of alumni events, providing EDP students with a platform for communication and support in their career development.

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