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EMLYON Business School
EMLYON Business School, established in 1872, was an internationally leading business school in the University of Lyon. In Europe, EMLYON Business School was ranked 9th in 2007, 8th in 2009 and 10th in 2010. In 2010, EMLYON Business School’s EMBA program was ranked 12th in “Schools with International Learning Experience” among global EMBA programs. Its degrees and certificates have been widely recognized by the governments of China, America, France and other countries, as well as many accreditation agencies. EMLYON Business School is one of the top 25 internationally recognized business schools that were the first to be fully accredited by the 3 top international organizations: Equis, AACSB and AMBA, and it has been ranked as a top 10 European Business Schools by the Financial Times in December 2007.EMLYON Business School in the old capital, located in the north of France, and HEC Paris in the new capital, located in the south of France, are regarded as two “kings” of business schools. EMLYON Business School is famous for its academic discipline and atmosphere, endowed with sufficient research funding and deemed a research-oriented business school. Its Entrepreneurial Studies is ranked No.1 in Europe; its finance and production management majors are among the top three in France; its management information systems major is ranked No.1 in France. SEM of BUPT and EMLYON Business School have set up a joint EMBA program.
Telecom SudParis
Telecom SudParis got its current name in 2009. Its original name was INT, established in 1979 and has been a leading school in information and communication technology. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Telecom SudParis is both a member of “Elite Schools” and a member of “Grand Schools of Telecommunication”. The campus, located in the EVRY of Paris, has a total area of 50,000 square meters, with building area amounting to 12,000 square meters. It has 1,500 on-campus students (mainly master and doctoral candidates), while overseas students make up to 20% of the total. It has 170 faculty and research fellows. It has four departments: department of telecommunications, department of management, department of enterprise collaboration and department of continuing education. Telecom SudParis’ comprehensive ranking is No.10; teaching is No.8, while its career prospects rank is No.14. It is one of the very few schools featuring information and communication technology. SEM of BUPT and Telecom SudParis have established cooperation in educating master-degree students in ICT.
ESC Rennes School of Business
ESC Rennes School of Business (ESC Rennes) is one of the top 20 “Grand Business Schools” in France and has been accredited by the French Ministry of Education and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. ESC Rennes was founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Renees. It is one of the few schools in France that are able to offer doctoral degrees. ESC Rennes is distinguished by its strong research commitment and capacity, global outlook, international student body and international faculty and has developed into a cradle for senior leaders. Located in the capital of Brittany with a picturesque view of the western sea shore of France, ESC Rennes provides French and overseas students with master and doctoral programs in English, which cater to the needs of education in English and exposure to French culture. French education has a long history and distinctive features. The majority of French universities are public universities, open to every citizen. Therefore, universities are typically not very selective in enrollment and students can be easily accepted. However, in France, besides the public universities, there is a type of university or school called a “Grand School”, which have been classified as top universities by Britain, therefore, also taken as “Elite Schools”. ESC Rennes is one of such “Elite Schools”. It is the cradle for senior management personnel, senior engineers, and senior statesmen. For example, former French President Jacques Chirac graduated from Ecole Nationale Administration; while our former Premier Zhou Enlai graduated from I'Ecole des Mines; both are members of “Elite Schools”. SEM of BUPT and ESC Rennes have been collaborating in DBA education.

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