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Introduction to IPMP

IPMP stands for International Project Management Professional, which is a four-level certification program promoted by the International Project Management Association (IPMA). At present, IPMA has 30 official members including China and 25 non-official members. From 2002, Project Management Research Committee China has been promoting IPMP through collaborating with various Ministries. IPMP is a general accreditation system, with no limitation to a certain industry. In China, it has been widely applied in electronics, nuclear, defense, aerospace and other industries.IPMP is designed to assess and demonstrate project management personnel’s comprehensive ability, including knowledge, experience and competence. IPMP is internationally recognized and professionally authoritative. Many global enterprises have taken IPMP as a prerequisite for their employees. In China, IPMP has also become a major factor in personnel evaluation in large-sized enterprises. Based on the IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB), there are four-level certificates, including Level A, B, C and D.At present, the School of Economics and Management of BUPT has been given the accreditation.

Introduction to Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI is a leading non-profit membership association that advances the project management profession through promoting high-quality project management training and education programs. PMI is an independent academic accreditation body with the central goal of guaranteeing the quality of project management degree programs and assist Chinese higher education institutions in improving their project management degree programs. The evaluation process aims to assess the content and procedures of the accredited degree programs and recognizes those schools and programs which meet and maintain the standards designated by PMI. The major objective of PMI is to promote project management education and career development through collaboration with higher education institutions and education agencies.

PMI established its Global Accreditation Center to carry out its accreditation process. The primary objective in the accreditation process is to ensure that GAC accredited educational programs in project management adequately prepare students to meet the current and anticipated needs of businesses and government organizations for qualified professionals working in the field of project management.

On March 24th, PMI Global Project Management Professional Accreditation Seminar was held in BUPT Hotel. Now, SEM of BUPT has started its Global Project Management Professional accreditation application.

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