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On March 29th 2011, “Forum on the Prospect of Mobile Internet Trend – Foundation Ceremony of BUPT Blackberry Lab” organized by SEM was held in BUPT Hotel.

Among those attending the ceremony from RIM were: internationally renowned Blackberry designer and RIM Vice-president Mr. Robert Crow, Vice-president David divaterson, Government Affairs Director in China Cui Haixia, Senior Solutions Manager in China Jiang Wei, Senior Manager of Platform Architect in China Yu Daomin, and Government Affairs Manager in China Qi Yue. Among those from BUPT were: Assistant President of BUPT and Executive Dean of SEM Professor Lv Tingjie,Dean of the Student Affairs Department Researcher Xin Lingling,Deputy Dean of SEM Associate Professor Ning Lianju,Deputy Party Secretary of SEM Xu Linjie,Dean of the General Affairs Office of SEM Associate Researcher Zheng Yongbiao, Foreign Affairs Secretary of SEM Professor Wan Yan,Director of the Laboratory Center Associate Professor Yang Xu,Dean of the Enterprise Management Innovation Simulation Basis Associate Professor Hu Tao,and Director of E-commerce Center Associate Professor Zhang Yi.
Assistant President of BUPT, Professor Lv Tingjie expressed his warm welcome to all the guests from RIM and his expectation that the cooperation would be successful. Vice President of RIM, Mr. Robert Crow delivered an inspiring speech on how RIM has achieved its global success. Mr. Robert Crow has been to China fifteen times and has developed a special attachment to China. In his speech, Mr. Robert Crow described the vitality and passion demonstrated by his employees and how a small company with 12 members developed into a global enterprise. Mr. Robert Crow believes that the world is full of possibilities and opportunities, providing valuable chances for students’ entrepreneurial spirit and he hopes that students will seize the opportunity and strive for the future.

Assistant President Lv Tingjie delivered a remarkable speech on the “Developing Trend of Online Application Stores”, improving students’ understanding about mobile Internet, and aroused the interest of everyone present in some brand new concepts, such as situational application and cloud computing.
RIM Senior Technical Solution Manager in China Jiang Wei, introduced applications on Blackberry platform, enriching students’ knowledge about Blackberry application development.
At the end, Vice President Robert Crow and Assistant President Lv Tingjie unveiled the plaque for BUPT Blackberry Lab and brought the forum to a successful conclusion.
The main objective of building the BUPT Blackberry Lab is to “promote the education and innovation in mobile computing”. We believe, on the basis of BUPT’s rich information and telecommunication resources and talent pool, and by integrating advanced Blackberry platform, the Blackberry Lab will make remarkable social contribution in terms of mobile computing education, talent nurturing and technological innovation.
Brief Introduction to RIM

The headquarters of RIM is located in Ontario in Canada. RIM provides innovative wireless platforms and solutions for the world-wide mobile communication market. It was established in 1984 and now its branches are located in North America, Europe and Asia, with employees amounting to 17,000. In 2009, RIM was evaluated by “Fortune” magazine as the fastest growing company in the world. At present, RIM has established cooperation with 550 operators and partners from 175 countries. In North America, Blackberry has dominated the smart phone market.

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