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Tai Chiu Edwin CHENG obtained his Ph. D. in Operations Research from the University of Cambridge. From 1922 to the present, he has been Chair Professor of Management in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, serving as Vice President of the university from 1995 to 2000.

Professor Zheng is an internationally renowned expert in production and operations management, logistics, operations research, and industrial engineering, etc. He has published over 400 academic papers and nine books. Due to Professor Zheng’s series of innovative achievements and outstanding contribution to industrial application, he was conferred Outstanding Young Engineer of the Year Award by the American Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Croucher Award (Croucher Senior Research Fellowship) by the Croucher Foundation (top science award in Hong Kong). According to the latest statistics of Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Professor Zheng is rated as the most productive and the top h-indexed Operations Research/Management Science researcher in Asia from 1968 to 2006, a time span of nearly 40 years. According to the independent survey on high-quality research papers in production and operations management worldwide, done by the International Journal of Production Economics of the 120 session in 2009, Professor Zheng was rated as the most productive and ranked 13th h-indexed Production/Operations Management researcher in the world.
Based on Professor Zheng’s original contribution to the advancement of science, he was conferred the degree of Doctor of Science by the University of Cambridge, a higher and internationally well acknowledged doctorate.

The team headed by Professor Zheng has rich research achievements and outstanding findings, receiving much funding from Hong Kong regional foundations, the National Science Foundation of China and the industrial circle. He and his team have also been widely covered by the South China Morning Post, the Sun, and the official journal of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers, etc., demonstrating wide social influence. Some of the findings have been used in manufacturing systems in Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong and have improved operational efficiency.

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