Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Male
     Dept: Public Administration
     Title: Professor (master's supervisor)
     Academic Field: Public Management
     Email: guoyujin1954@163.com
【Education Background】
1998-2001 Ph.D Sociology Renmin University of China.
1985-1987 MA Sociology Nankai University.
1978-1982 Medicine Harbin Medical School.

Cyber Sociology
The Mode of Information
Organization Theory
Social Psychology
Management Communications
Organizational Behavior

【Professional Experience】
2002-now Professor, School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
1987-2002 A associate professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, China.
1982-1985 A intelligencer of Medical information agent ,Harbin 242 hospital, China.

【Research Interests】
Social Theory
Organization Theory
Behavior in Internet
Public Information Management
The Mode of Information

【Research Projects:】
The national natural science fund project supported by the 1999, the organization and management of cultural foundation, project study members first.
National social science fund project, the topic "new class in China during the transitional period of development impact. 2002.
Public sphere in the internet space, the national social science fund project (2007), head of the project.
Based on mobile communication network of mobile phone culture research, the second, head of the ministry of education (2008) social science fund project.
Under the multicultural background college students information received cognitive habits and ways, important strategic task of education work committee of Beijing (2011), members of the project.

【Academic Achievements】
《Sociology of the Internet》,China Renmin University Press, China.2005,2010
《On Status Institute in China and Its potential Function》Heilongjiang Renmin Press, China.2002
《Popular Social Psychology》【Japan】,Yunnan Renmin Press, China.1990
《Gender and Temperament in three Primitive tribe》【English】, Zhejiang Renmin Press, China. 1988
《Public sphere in Internet 》Journal of BUPT(social sciences edition), Vol.2,2005
《Organizations in Internet 》Journal of BUPT(social sciences edition), Vol.1,2004
《Interaction Feature in Cyberspace》Journal of BUPT(social sciences edition), Vol.4,2003
《Status Institute and Chinese Idea 》,New development in philosophy, Vol.8, China, 2002
《Social contact in Cyberspace 》,Chinese soft Sience,Vo.11,2002, China,2002
《Organization commitment and Culture 》,Journal of Harbin Institute of Technology(social sciences edition), Vol.2, China, 2002

Sociology of the Internet, Department of Education in the 11th five-year National Projects
Sociology of the Internet, Beijing fine materials (2006)
【Social Appointments】
Council Member of Graduate Education Committee in BUPT.
A Deputy editor of Journal of BUPT(social sciences edition).
A member of Beijing natural science foundation of the judges.
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