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Information Economy and Competitiveness Research Center
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With the development of globalization and China’s communication industry, competitiveness and IT economic study has become the focus of government agencies, academic institutes and business enterprises. Information Economy and Competitiveness Research Center (IECRC) was established in 2005, which is part of Information Management and Information Economy Key Lab of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Through persistent efforts in theoretical innovation and accumulated findings of many research projects, IECRC aims to provide theoretical basis and decision-making suggestions for academic institutes, industry and government agencies.
Professor Zeng Jianqiu is the Director and the leading professor of the center. Members of the center include Professor David Miller (Britain), Associate Professor Peng Xiaofeng, Associate Professor He Ying, Associate Professor Xie Zhiyong, Associate Professor Peng Hui and 25 master and doctoral candidates.
IECRC’s research is mainly divided into two major aspects. The first aspect is on the basic theoretical research of information economy and competitiveness, including study on scale economy and competitiveness, competitiveness evaluation system, the theory of internal and external economic cycle, and technology-economy analysis, and etc. The second aspect is on application of information economy and competitiveness theories, including study on strategies to improve competitiveness of the telecommunication industry, enterprise consultation and solution, development strategies for competitors and enterprises, and optimization of user interface for communication operators, etc.
The Center has undertaken many national, ministry-level projects and projects funded by enterprises, including the National Science Foundation Project: Study on Strategies to Improve International Competitiveness of Chinese Telecommunication Enterprises Against the Background of Globalization; National Major Project: Study on Platform Development Strategies for New-model Mobile Phone Operating System, Middleware and Software; Science and Technology Key Project of the Ministry of Education:Study on the Status Quo and Development Trend of Tri-networks Integration,Study on China Mobile User Interface Optimization, Study on the Internal Factors for the Development of China Telecommunication Operators, Study on How to Improve Quality of China Mobile KPI Evaluation, Service Management, New Business Service and Group Client Service,Contrastive Analysis of China Telecommunications”,Study on Strategies to Improve Competitiveness of China Unicom, Study on the Effectiveness of Henan Mobile’s Improvement in Service Quality, etc.
The Center has attached great importance to academic exchange and has established extensive cooperation with academic institutes, experts and enterprises at home and abroad. The center has invited many famous scholars and researchers to give lectures, including Professor Roberson from University at Buffalo, Chairman of UKTA Professor David P Mellor, Director of the Graduate Program of University of Aberdeen (Britain) Professor Patrick Dawson, Director of Indian Telecommunication Management and Research Center Doctor T.H. Chowdary, the Vice-president of Symbian, a world leading mobile phone software manufacturer, etc.
Under the leadership of Professor Zeng Jianqiu, a Cambridge doctor and a doctoral supervisor, the Center has organized many academic exchange activities, seminars and conferences, and has published and translated more than ten academic books, has published over one hundred academic papers in Chinese and foreign journals, has developed a competitiveness theory, customer perception theory, equilibrium service theory, operation as a service theory, technology-economy analysis method, and element event analysis method, etc, thus making unique and distinctive contributions.
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