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The Laboratory Center of the School of Economics and Management
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The Laboratory Center of SEM was established in 1984, funded by SEM, investment from the Ninth Five-Year Plan, funding from the first and second phase of Project 211 (a project of National Key Universities and colleges initiated in 1995 by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China), investment of special repair and purchase projects. At present, the Laboratory Center has a total of over 5 million Yuan fixed asset, covers a total area of nearly 720 square meters, has 23 internationally advanced large and medium-sized servers, 220 computers, vast amount of education software, network equipments, multi-media teaching equipments, andmonitoring equipments, etc, which provides an advanced platform and friendly environment for experiments, aiming to make contributions in instruction, research and practice in the following areas:
  1. Management Theories and Communication Economics;
  2. Network Economics and E-commerce;
  3. Accounting Computerization and ERP;
  4. Communication Network Control and Optimization;
  5. Enterprise Information Management and Informationization;
  6. IT Enterprise Management Theory and Simulation;

SEM has attached great importance to the teaching and management team building of the Experiment Center, which is supervised by Deputy-executive Dean of SEM Professor Xin Zhanhong, responsible for making long-term plans, deciding on development strategies, offering suggestions on further construction of the center; the Laboratory Center is headed by Associate Professor Yang Xu, responsible for center development and management. The center has developed a highly efficient experiment teaching model with center designated instructors taking leading role for a course, supported by doctoral and master candidates as assistants to supervise students’ experiments. At present, the Laboratory Center boasts of a team composed by highly responsible faculty and staff who have guaranteed the experiment course construction and demand in experiment teaching reform, with an appropriate structure in academic title, academic degree and age.

The Laboratory Center has the following sub-centers, including: Computer Laboratory Center (for both undergraduate and graduate students’ basic experiments), Integrated Experiment Basis, Enterprise Management and E-commerce Innovative Practice Basis, E-commerce Experiment Office, Accounting Simulation and Accounting Computerization Experiment Office, Information Resource and System Research Center, Large-scale Simulation Center, Information and GIS Research Center, and Competition and Regulation Research Center, etc. The teaching and management personnel of the Laboratory Center have long been cooperative and industrious, providing high-quality experiment teaching and service and guaranteeing academic innovation, course construction, research and development, as well as talent nurturing. The Laboratory Center is open to SEM graduates for free, open to all other BUPT students, and provide training programs.

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