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BUPT Teaching and Research Centre for E-commerce
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BUPT Teaching and Research Centre for E-commerce (TRCE) was established in 2001, and is a branch of the Information Management and Economy Key Lab of the Ministry of Industry and Information. TRCE boasts a 16 member team of highly professional and responsible personnel, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 12 professors and associate professors, 4 lecturers, of whom 15 have a doctorate degree. The research interests of the faculty include E-commerce, network economy, information industry policy, communication management, modern service engineering, service marketing, data mining, customer relation management and more. By the end of December 2008, faculty in TRCEhad published over 200 academic papers, of which over 100 are SCI/EI/ISTP indexed, and had published 24 academic (translated) books.
The Director of TRCEis Professor Lv Tingjie. He is concurrently Assistant-president of BUPT and Director of the Information Management and Economy Key Lab of the Ministry of Industry and Information, which is granted special government allowances by the State Council. Professor Lv Tingjie pursued his doctoral degree at Kyoto University, and is concurrently Deputy-director of the E-commerce Instruction Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education, Vice-president of China Information Economics Association, Director of the Telecommunication Expert Committee of Chinese Society of Technology Economics, member of the Telecommunication Economics Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information, member of the Information Technology Committee, researcher at Tsinghua University Research Center for Contemporary Management, member of the Expert Team of the Third Generation Mobile Telecommunication Development Strategy of China, and senior consultant of China Electronic Commerce Association. Professor Lv Tingjie has also won many prizes and awards, including the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1988, Japanese TELECOM Science Prize in 1995 and Beijing Prestigious Teacher Award in 2006. In 2007, the E-commerce major lead by Professor Lv Tingjie was evaluated and recognized as “The First-level Major with Distinctive Features”; in 2008, the E-commerce teaching centre headed by Professor Lv Tingjie won Beijing's Outstanding Teaching and Research Team Award; in 2009, Professor Lv Tingjie won provincial-level First Prize for Teaching Achievement.
In 2009, TRCE established a teaching, development, practice and innovation platform, equipped with advanced and powerful facilities and equipment and integrated network technology and management technologies, capable of meeting four tier demands, respectively experience, simulation, development and innovation. In 2007, TRCE and China Electronic Commerce Association jointly set up China E-commerce Credit Research Center. In 2008, TRCE and Union Mobile Pay jointly constructed a mobile business teaching and research practice platform. Also in 2008, TRCE and 28 enterprises including Motorola, became the first group of members of the Mobile Business Application Experiment Center of the Ministry of Commerce.

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