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Communication Industry Research Center
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The Communication Industry Research Center (CIRC) aims to fully explore the advantages of its talent in order to do in-depth research in telecommunication industry and enterprise, the strengthening of academic exchange and the nurturing of talent.
CIRC’s studies cover the area of telecommunication industry economy, telecommunication regulation, telecommunication enterprise management, rural telecommunication service, capital operation in telecommunication industry etc. Major research achievements include academic papers, books, translated books, project reports in English and Chinese. CIRC has undertaken many projects from foundations, ministries, government agencies, operators, private enterprises and overseas academic institutions, for example, Study on China Telecommunication Universal Service from Ford Foundation, Telecommunication Service for Western Rural Areas Through Satellites funded by China Satellite Communication Corporation,Yun Nan Mobile Plan funded by Yun Nan Mobile, and many more. CIRC has endeavored to improve talent training: the course “telecommunication economics” has been evaluated and recognized as a Beijing Excellent Course and the corresponding textbook has been evaluated as a Beijing Excellent Textbook. Undergoing projects at the center include Studies on Structural Transformation of a Private Enterprise, Studies on Internet Virtual Currency and Studies on Strategies for Providing Telecommunication Service for Agriculture, Rural Area and Farmers, a key project of the National Twelfth Five Year Plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information.
Not long ago, CIRC started its cooperation with Ogood Consulting, a well-known consulting corporation in the industry, leading to the integration of business and academic experts and resource sharing and paving a smoother road for the center to adapt to the telecommunication industry reforms.
The Director of CIRC is Professor Wu Hong and members include doctorate supervisor and Professor Cha Hongwang, Professor Hu Chun, Researcher Peng Hui and their master and doctoral students.

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