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BUPT Service Management Science Research Institute
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BUPT Service Management Science Research Institute (SMSRI) is registered under SEM. SMSRI has many nationally recognized professors and scholars, as well as a number of distinguished postdoctoral, doctoral and master degree candidates. SMSRI has accomplished many projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation, State High-Tech Development Plan (863 Program), international cooperative programs and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Many of SMSRI’s research achievements have been given awards by ministries and many research findings have been accepted internationally. Based on BUPT’s abundant research and technology resources, SMSRI has been undertaking research in the following areas: management consultation for service operation industry, information system planning, management decision-making, etc.
SMSRI’ s research mainly includes:
  1. management analysis, decision-making theory and empirical research
  2. telecommunication operation and decision-making methodology research
  3. Internet governance research
  4. customer management theory research and empirical analysis of decision-making
  5. knowledge management theory and empirical research
  6. mobile Internet service and operation research
  7. supply chain and centralized procurement management research
  8. ICT industry green development strategy research
  9. information management and system integration planning research
  10. telecommunication network planning and research
  11. complexity theory and application research
SMSRI has kept pace with the latest international developments, research, and integration. SMSRI has been introducing the world to the most advanced telecommunication technologies, computer technologies and management experience of China’s industry and information industry, making due contributions to their development.
SMSRI’s key team members are as follows: Shu Yinghua, Hu Yiwen, Zhang Aihua, Peng Ruohong, Che Peirong, Huang Yijun, Yang Xu, Yan Qiang, Qi Jiayin, Yang Tianjian, Wu Jun, Tong Lili, Wen Jie.
Contact Information:
Postal Address:
295# Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
No. 10 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District
Beijing, P.R. China
Zip Code: 100876
Office Location:
Room 1308, Main Building
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Tel: +86(10) 62281232, +86(10) 62281651
Fax: +86(10)62281232

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