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Network Economy and Information Management Research Center
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BUPT Network Economy and Information Management Research Center (NEIMRC) mainly does researches in the following fields: network economic theories, information industry policy, information management, data mining, enterprise business activity analysis, and consumer behavior analysis. NEIMRC has invited some ministry leaders, experts from enterprises and overseas professors as academic consultants; it has gained strong support from enterprises both at home and abroad. For example, NEIMRC has set up BUPT-Luzhou Laojiao Joint Laboratory, which carries out information management research, with Luzhou Laojiao Corporation. The center has more than ten professors, associate professors, doctoral and master-degree candidates; the Director of the center is Professor Fan Chunhui.
NEIMRC has attached great importance to academic exchanges and international cooperation. It has extensive contact with many universities and research institutions, such as the Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers, Learning Initiatives on Reforms for Network Economies: Asia, Communication Policy Research South, Industrial Organization and Technological Innovation Research Center of Shang Hai Jiao Tong University, and the School of Management of Xi’an Jiao Tong University. In education and supervision of doctoral, master-degree, MBA and project management candidates, NEIMRC has attached great importance to network economy and hot issues in the IT industry. It has provided high-level management consultancy for government, enterprises and various kinds of economic organizations. NEIMRC has accomplished many research findings and won many teaching and research awards, such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s technological progress award, Beijing Municipal Level Teaching Achievement Award, and academic paper prizes, etc. Researches of the center have gained support from many organizations, such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, major telecommunication operators, the State Post Bureau, and many international telecommunication institutions, etc.
In terms of economic theory researches, recently NEIMRC has finished many projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Through case analysis of China telecommunication regulation reform, a regulatory framework model has been put forward, which has undergone statistical empirical tests against China’s telecommunication background; from the perspective of contract, it has analyzed regulatory governance structure and mechanism, discussed the essence and characteristics of regulatory governance mechanism, particularly about opportunistic behaviors and corresponding governance mechanism, and put forward basic principles for regulation system design. It has studied China telecommunication regulation reform path, mechanism and policy tools, and has made contrastive analysis between Chinese and British telecommunication regulation.
In terms of information management, NEIMRC has been advocating the restructuring of enterprise value chain through e-commerce and improvement and upgrading of traditional enterprises through informatization. It has actively participated in the reform of traditional enterprises, such as circulation industry, postal services, liquor production, etc. NEIMRC has finished the Study on the Development Strategies of Integrated Fast Service Platform Based on E-commerce, funded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Study on Operational Model of Postal Services, funded by the State Post Bureau, Study on Rural Area Informatization Development Strategies and Development Model, funded by the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Market Analysis and Study of Rural Area Information Popularity, funded by China Mobile.
In terms of decision support, NEIMRC has recently finished more than ten projects, such as Study on Telecommunication Enterprise Strategic Transformation, Study on Three-dimensional Budget Management Problems of Jiang Xi Telecommunications, Telecommunication Enterprise Customer Value Analysis, and Study on Informatization Development Strategies and Development Model in China Rural Areas, etc, providing an effective consulting service for industry policy-making and enterprise development. NEIMRC pays particular attention to enterprise demands and provides consulting services through integration of theory and practice. In recent years, technological progress, demand development, competition relationship and regulation policy changes have brought about changes in telecommunication industry structure and value chain structure; NEIMRC helps telecommunication operators in meeting these challenges and exploring the development route for transformation. A case in point is Jiang Xi Telecommunication Transformation. From this case, with system design, strategy and operation management, value chain and other theories as guidance, NEIMRC focuses on the study on transformation strategy formulation and effective implementation, which reveals the essential features of telecommunication transformation and the key in effective transformation strategy implementation. NEIMRC also points out that strategic transformation is a kind of systematic engineering, which involves various aspects of telecommunication enterprises and management activities. Therefore, creating and improving enterprise core competitiveness, and formulating strategic plan should be the starting point. Based on this, systematic reform should be carried out. In the process of transformation, telecommunication operation model is undergoing the change from being product-centered to customer-centered; telecommunication enterprises are experiencing difficult resource reallocation and dramatic organizational changes. The essence of the change is to reconstruct internal resources, resource allocation system and management structure according to customer and market demand. The management model is changed from hierarchy management to decentralized management; management and control systems should be strengthened from three dimensions, namely, product, customer group and location, to improve delicacy management level, which favors business development, cost saving and profit increase; an evaluation system stimulating employee enthusiasm should be constructed; a more appropriate human resource management method should be developed and operational organizations and operation procedures should be reconstructed through project management and virtual team building methods, etc. in order to build a highly efficient information platform for customers and improve service ability. These research findings have demonstrated the application of economic management theories, enriched and developed Chinese enterprise management case studies, and helps enterprises realize that the core of the reform is value creation. These have provided solid support and decision-making basis for current management and future strategic planning; these have also provided reference and guidance for management practice and performance improvement.
With the rapid development of information industry, BUPT NEIMRC has made some progress in the past few years. Facing opportunities and challenges, NEIMRC, with the aim of serving the information industry and telecommunication enterprises, will carry out in-depth research and innovative thinking in the following areas, internet governance, enterprise information management, data mining, customer behavior analysis, and enterprise finance analysis, etc. NEIMRC will extend exchanges and cooperation, keep improving its academic research level, policy and management consultancy ability, and strive to develop itself into a research base influential in network economy and information management and serve as an integrated center for talent training, academic research and management consultancy.

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