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MBA Program Ranked 9th of “The Most Influential MBA in China”
promulgator:   2016-09-20 13:28:15

BUPT MBA program was launched in 1998. Under the guidance of BUPT and SEM leaders and with the concerted effort of all the faculty and staff in the last 12 years, the MBA program was finally ranked among the top 10 "The Most Influential MBA in China".
On the afternoon of September 27th 2010, the eighth "The Most Influential MBA in China" award ceremony, also known as "Global Entrepreneurs Summit", organized by the Journal of International Managers《世界经理人周刊》and Columbia Journalism Review was held in Conrad, Hong Kong. Among the 180 universities which had MBA programs, BUPT SEM was ranked 9th of "The Most Influential MBA in China" and 5th in "China's MBA Programs with the Greatest Potential."
Nobel Prize winners Robert Mundell and Stephen Woolgar took part in the award ceremony, made key-note speeches, and presented awards. President of SEM, professor Lu Tingjie and Vice President, professor Pan Yu, attended the conference. President Lu Tingjie received "The Most Influential MBA in China" award and Vice President professor Pan Yu received "China's MBA Programs with the Greatest Potential" award. During the conference, President Lu Tingjie made an excellent presentation on how universities with industrial features can cultivate high-quality talents and develop responsible business schools so as to make great contributions to national science and technology development. His remarks were commended by authorities in both academic and business circles.
After 20 years of development in China, MBA education has formed its own teaching system. In order to maintain a healthy development of MBA programs and inform society of the reputation and influence of MBA programs among managers, the Journal of International Managers together with People Network and Columbia Journalism Review, release annually "The Most Influential MBA Programs in China". The rating has been upheld for eight consecutive years and has become the most authoritative rating of MBA programs in China.
BUPT MBA program has developed over twenty years and its school reputation, faculty team, students' satisfaction rate and enterprise satisfaction rate have all experienced tremendous progress. It has been known as the "Cradle for New Generation IT Elites". In "The Most Influential MBA in China", BUPT MBA program was ranked 14th in 2007, 11th in 2008 and 9th in 2010, which has demonstrated BUPT MBA program's enormous progress and its social influence.

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