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Ranked 16th in the “Outstanding Business Schools in China” Evaluated by an Authoritative Business School Rating Agency in Europe
promulgator:   2016-09-20 13:28:17

Eduniversal Annual World Conference organized by Eduniversal, an authoritative European rating agency, was held in October in Shanghai. This is the first time that Eduniversal has held a world-class business education conference in China. Participants of the conference included160 presidents and vice presidents from 93 business schools across 51 countries and regions, including China, America, Britain, Japan, Germany, Spain, Canada, India and Belgium. The theme of the conference was “To Reconstruct Business School’s Bright Future”. Participants discussed the theme through reflection on the weaknesses of business schools that were exposed in the financial crisis, and drew the conclusion that cultivating responsible social elites is the key to reconstructing the social image of business schools.
Eduniversal released “The1000 Best Business Schools in the World in 2011”. BUPT SEM was ranked No.16 in the “Outstanding Business Schools in China”.
Eduniversal was founded in France in 1994. As a prestigious consulting and rating agency in higher education, one of the major objectives of Eduniversal is to provide a tool, for students all around the world, which provides information on the Best Business Schools, located in the five continents. Every year, Eduniversal will publish “The Best 1000 Business Schools in the World.” This official ranking aims to provide students with extensive information about business schools worldwide and help students in their decision-making in the process of business school selection.

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