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Press Conference on the New Teaching Model in the Cloud Age by BUPT MBA
promulgator:   2016-09-20 13:28:26

On September 16th 2012, the Press Conference on the New Teaching Model in the Cloud Age by BUPT MBA was successfully held.
The BUPT MBA's ingenuity in "Creating an Intelligent Teaching Model, Enjoying Studying through the Cloud" has turned a new page in the application of IT in facilitating talent cultivation, introducing Cloud technology into the educational arena, and providing valuable experience for the informatization of MBA programs in other universities. Assistant President of BUPT and Executive Dean of the School of Economics and Management (SEM) Professor Lv Tingjie, Deputy Dean of SEM Professor Pan Yu, Deputy Director of MBA Education Center of BUPT Yang Xuecheng, General Manager of China Unicom (Shanghai) Li Mingduo, Departmental General Manager of China Unicom (Shanghai) Cheng Yangfan, and many high-end media witnessed the release of this unprecedented teaching model by BUPT.
Professor Lv Tingjie opened the conference by sharing how to realize the integration of cloud technology, mobile internet, intelligent end, and emergent teaching models in his usual humorous style. Professor Lv said that when they developed their MBA program, they had the industrial advantages in networks, information and telecommunication. The objective for SEM was to develop into a school similar to the business school of MIT, which had set a great example in the integration of technology and management. As the top university nurturing information communication technology talents, they aimed to integrate technology, management and new trends in information economy.
As the partner, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom (Shanghai) Li Mingduo, remarked on how China Unicom (Shanghai) had provided the technological support based on the prospective need of BUPT MBA program, and together launched the application software system for electronic teaching material. iPads were used as the vehicle for teaching material displays, which provided convenience for students' study and best exploited their fragmented time. This system has also been safe-guarded by various means of security protection technologies, which ensure the security of the teaching material and of their corresponding copy rights. At the same time, latest cloud technologies have also been applied in this system, realizing the extensive software application and pushing forward the innovative development in teaching methods and academic affairs management.
Departmental General Manager of China Unicom (Shanghai) Cheng Yangfan introduced the Cloud Teaching Resources System jointly developed by China Unicom (Shanghai) and BUPT. Since BUPT had led the development of new media, he believe that cooperation with BUPT would bring about changes in high-level MBA education.

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