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The Second BUPT EMBA Innovative Business Model Competition Launched
promulgator:   2016-09-20 13:28:26

On September 28th 2012, the Second BUPT EMBA Innovative Business Model Competition was launched.
Internet has changed the business competition environment and economic law, and symbolized the emergence of the "Digital Economy". New enterprises' business operations differ a lot from traditional enterprises, which have caused a deep and long-term impact on traditional enterprises. With such development, both the people who prepare to start their own businesses and the people who have been running enterprises, need to rethink business operations in a new light. Under these circumstances, what China needs most is innovation, which should not be lip service, but be based on profound cultural accumulation. Therefore, the "Innovative Business Model" has become a key concept today.
Distinguished guests who were present at the launch included the former Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhu Gaofen, Executive Deputy Dean of the Advisory Committee for State Informatization, doctoral advisor and SEM President professor Zhou Hongren, Researcher of the Development Research Center of the State Council Chen Xiaohong, and other well-known professors and authorities in this area.
There are innovative attempts in the Second BUPT EMBA Innovative Business Model Competition. Candidates participated in teams, which are composed of 5 to 6 members, guided by special supervisors, and the matching of teams with special supervisors is decided through bi-directional selection process. Senior managers with rich management experience, profound industrial background and solid theoretical knowledge are invited as special supervisors, so that students will quickly learn whether their business models are applicable in the industry and how they will be executed if the models are plausible. As a result, students will benefit from theoretical and practical ends, realizing the combination of academic pursuit and practical training. Due to in-depth personal communication with leaders in the industry, it will be of great benefit to students for the development in their unique leadership style and ability.

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