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     Gender: Female
     Dept: Management Science and Engineering
     Title: Associate Professor (master's supervisor)
     Academic Field:
     Email: hyijun@vip.sina.com
【Education Background】
2004 Ph.D. Management Science & Engineering, BUPT
1997 MA Management Science & Engineering, BUPT
1991 BA Telecommunication Management Engineering, BUPT

Management Information System, for MBA and undergraduate since 2005
System Dynamics, for graduate student since 2006
Telecom Operation Management, or undergraduate since 2007
Telecom Management, undergraduate before 2001
Management Principle, for undergraduate before 2001
Management of Enterprise, for undergraduate before 2001

【Professional Experience】
Jan. 2005-Present, Associate Professor, Economics Management School of BUPT.
- Have been teaching 3 courses for MBA, undergraduate, and graduate students
- Have managed and attend more than 40 research projects
- Have supervised nearly 100 thesis, including MBA,PBA, Bachelor and Master degree
 Jan. 2001-Jul. 2003 Executive Director of President Office, and Secretary of the Board, JiTong Co. Ltd
- In charge of the implementation of the OA System.
- Effectively handle internal and external relations with operators, government, and public medias.
- Charge of administration of the board and the president office
 Jul. 1991-Dec. 2000, Lecturer, Economics Management School of BUPT.
- Taught several courses. Attended several research projects.

【Research Interests】
Supply chain management; Telecommunication operation management and decision; Enterprises informatization managenet; Complex social system research based on System Dynamics

【Research Projects:】
1) Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency Study,,2014
2) Supply Chain Management Planning, 2014
3) Benefit and Driver Analysis of Customer &Product Operation Resource,2013
4) Critical Capability Improvement of Supply chain,2013
5) Supply Chain Management Diagnosis and Carding,2012
6) Marking Activity Evaluation System, 2012
7) Resource Allocation Integration(Second-Stage), 2012
8) Investment Post-assessment, 2011
9) satisfaction measurement of Medical Insurance Network Operation,2010
10) Implicit Knowledge Management in A Project Team: Based on Social Network,2011
11) Resource Allocation Integration(First-Stage), 2011
12) Supply Chain Management Hierarchy Optimization,2011
13) The R&D Hierarchy Optimization,2010
14) ICT Product Innovation Cycle Optimization: Based on Green Ideal type
15) The Trend Study on Telecom Price Policy, 2010
16) Lean Management on Integrated Procurement and Logistic System, 2010
17) Pre-Study of the 12th 5-year Strategy Plan of Telecommunication Industry, 2009
18) R&D Hierarchy Consult , 2009
19) Plans of Strategy and Information System of Procurement and Logistic ,2009
20) Transconformation of Strategical and Response Supply Chain, 2009
21) The Open Policy and Feasibility Research on Telecommuication Market,2009
22) Marketing Partition Management and Execution, 2008
23) Optimization on Innovation System, 2008
24) Optimization and Improvement on Procurement Management System, 2008
25) Informatization Mode of Centralized Procurement ,for Guangdong CMCC, 2008
26) Research on Standardized Management of Telecommunication Self-service Terminals, 2008
27) Analysis on Total Cost and Optimization on Procure Management , 2008
28) Detailed Analysis on Total Cost of Kinds of Purchased Telecommunication equipment, 2007
29) Marketing Partition Management and Execution ,2 007
30) The Strategy Plan and Management of Technology Innovation, 2007
31) Telecommunication Operation Management System, 2006
32) Centralized Procurement Management System, 2006
33) The Strategy Plan of Technology Innovation, 2006
34) The Efficiency management and Execution of Service for VIP Customer, 2005
35) The Cost and Price Model of CATV Services, 2000
36) The R&D Mode of China Mobile Group, 2000
37) Strategy Plan for Posts Offices(2000-2004), 1999
38) The Market of China Data Telecom , 1998
39) The Cost of DDN and Private Link, 1997
40) The Cost of National Long-distance Telephone, ,1996
41) The Price Policies of New Telecomm. Services, 1996

【Academic Achievements】
1) Yijun Huang, Jingjing Wang. Study on safety stock control based on system dynamics, ICSSSSM 2014, June 2014,Beiijing.(EI)
2) Yijun Huang, Ximei Lian. Case Study on the Evaluation Method of Bullwhip Effect. Management Science and Engingeerin, Vol.3,Number 1B,March 2014:PP26-32.
3) Yijun Huang, Huixuan Jiao. The Relationship between IS Strategy and IT Management maturity, Service Management and Science,No.2,May 2013: PP40-45.
4) Yijun Huang, Kaikai Yin. Evaluation Indexes of the Third-party Logistics Providers' Logistics Capability in B2C E-commerce Mode. LISS 2013,Reading,U.K.,Aug.,2013.
5) Yijun Huang, Jieqiao He. Segmentation Variables of Telecom Operator Organizational Customers Based on Nested-approach and Customer Value.2013 CSMES. Kunming,China. Nov.,2013.
6) Yijun Huang, Yimin Jia. The relationship between advertising on Vidio Website and User Experience:A Exploratory Research Based on System Dynamics ICITMI2013.Zhuhai,China. July,2013.
7) Yijun Huangg,Wenwen Liu. The impact of privacy concern on users usage intention of mobile payment,2012 ICIII. Sanya,China.Jan., 2012(EI).
8) Yijun Huang , Xiayun Gu. Procurement Performance Evaluation Index System for Telecom Operators,2012ATMCC. Fenghuang, China,Aug., 2012.
9) Changmei Ling, Yijun Huang. Agency Hall ROI Analysis. 2011 Conference of Merge & Innovation. Yunnan, China. Nov.,2011.
10) Yijun Huang,Wenjia Zhang,Research on the influence changes of enterprise informatization on corporate strategy. ICEE2011-Proceedings,Shanghai,China,May,2011(EI).
11) Yijun Huang,Fang Ling.Study on the tracks of technology upgrade of ICT enterprises, CSSS 2011 – Proceedings,Nanjing,China,June,2011(EI).
12) Yijun Huang, Fang Ling,Study on the tracks of product update of ICT enterprises, ICEE 2011-Proceedings, Shanghai,China,May,2011(EI).
13) Junwei Chen, Yijun Huang,Huaying Shu.A research of the adoption of innovation diffusion model on the ICT companies.ICEE 2011- Proceedings.Shanghai,China,May, 2011(EI).
14) Hui Geng, Yijun Huang,A Study on Effect Mechanism of Website Brand Equity , WBM2011 -Proceedings Wuhan,China, September,2011.
15) Yijun Huang, Chen Liu,Factors Influencing Users Attitude toward Playing Social Games in the Initial Stage of Game Release,WBM2011-Proceedings,Wuhan,China,September,2011.
16) Songlin Zhao,Yijun Huang ,Ting chen, Xiaohui Lu. Strategy Analysis on the Client migration from 2G to 3G. Academic Journal of BUPT(Social Science-Edition),No.3,2010.
17) Yijun Huang, WeiMei. Research on the Influence Changes of Enterprises Informatization on Corporation Strategy. The 3rd CNAIS National Congress 2009, “ Information Systems Research In China: Opportunities and Challenges in the Context of Emerging Technologies”[M],Edited by Guoqing Chen, Feicheng Ma. Wuhan University Press, Wuhan, China, 2009(10):pp28-35.
18) Aihua Zhang, Jingchun Zhao, Yijun Huang. The Determinative Factors of the FMS Patterns: A Comparative Analysis among Four Worldwide Groups The 3rd International Conference on Engineering Management and Service Sciences, Beijing, China, September 20-22, 2009.(EI).
19) Fanbai, Yijun Huang. Grid-Marking helps Lean Operation of Telecommunications Enterprises [J]. Telecommunication World, 2009(6),No421:ppA27.
20) Weiya Fan, Yijun Huang, Yiwen Hu, Bo Sun, Zhaohui Chen. To Consummate R&D Hierarchy and Improve Innovation Capability of Telecommunication Operators [J]. Digital communication World, 2008(1):pp36-39.
21) Yijun Huang, Weiguo Wang, Jun Wu, Xue Yan, Rong Liu, Lei Dai, Tian Guo and Honglin Song. Analysis on Demand Drivers of Enterprise Informatization Based on System Dynamics Method. IFIP TC8 WG8.9 International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise information Systems (CONFENIS 2007), Vol.2: pp1227 -1238.
22) Li Pan, Yijun Huang, Weiya Fan, Bo Sun. Reflect on Telecommunication Innovation on Multiangle. New Communicaion,2006(11):pp28-33.
23) Baozhe Liu,Yijun Huang. Measure your Maturity on Service Operation [J]. New Communication, 2006(10):pp16-18.
24) Zhuo Wang,Yijun Huang,Mingfu Quan. How to Manage Customers’ Expectation, New Communication, 2006(9): pp14-17.
25) Baozhe Liu,Yijun Huang. Lead the Virtual Consumption in Wireless Realm [J]. New Communication, 2006(8): pp18-21.
26) Lili Tong, Yijun Huang. Master Everything: Research on the Service Controllability in Telecommunication Operators [J]. New Communication, 2006(7): P22-24.
27) Yijun Huang. Inquire into Enterprises Information Systems Management. “China Management Science Research Literature” [M],Edited by Jichuan Lu. China Environment Science Press, 2006(9): pp402-405.
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31) Yijun Huang. Enterprise Informatization≠ Informatized Enterprise [OL]. China Billing Weekly, 2004.
32) Yijun Huang. Research on the Industry Influence Factors from Mobile Terminal Customization [J]. Mobile Communication, 2004(9):pp25-27.
33) Yijun Huang. To Establish the Operation Performance Judgement System Based on Supply Chain Management [J].Telecommunication Enterprises Management, 2004 (8): pp46-48.
34) Yijun Huang. Mould the Competitiveness of Telecommunication Operators Based on Supply Chain Management [J]. Telecommunication World, 2004 (6):pp28-29.
35) Yijun Huang. Research on Telecom Terminal Customization Based on System Dynamics [J]. Journal of North Institute of Technology, 2004,vol.97, No.5: pp382-385.
36) Yijun Huang, Huaying Shu. The Supply Chain Management of Telecommunication Operation [J]. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2002(10: pp571-574.
37) Huaying Shu,Yijun Huang. The Path of Enterprises Information Systems in China Telecommunication Operators[C]. The 2nd on Cross-Strait Industrial Development and Management, 2002: ppH2-11.
Invention:A method of detecting the cell phone movement instead of key press, granted, 2008.
Xiongjian Lian, Yijun Huang. Synchro Training for “Telecommunication Management” [M]. Dong Fang Press: China, 2000.

1) Excellent guidance: bachelor's degree thesis, for BUPT, 2013.7
2) Excellent guidance: bachelor's degree thesis, for BUPT, 2011.7
3) Award of Merit: The Open Policy and Feasibility Research on Telecommunication Market,2009,for MIIT
4) The 3rd Prize on Technology Progress: The Cost of National Long-distance Telephone, for MII (Ministry of Information Industry),1997
【Social Appointments】
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