Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Female
     Dept: Management Science and Engineering
     Title: Associate Professor
     Academic Field: E-Commerce、Social Network
     Email: cflyhigh@163.com
【Education Background】
2009 PH.D. Management Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China
1997 M.A. Optical Instruments, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Shanghai, China
1994 B.A. Electrical Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, Jilin Province, China

E- Commerce Website Design
E- Commerce Development Technology (ASP.NET C#)
E- Commerce System Building and Management
Signal and System
Circuit Analysis Foundation

【Professional Experience】

【Research Interests】
Social Network Structure, Information Analysis, E-Commerce

【Research Projects:】
[1] Study of the government regulations on the security of public information, Project of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology P.R.C, September 2012 – July 2013, Project Leader
[2]Research on development of the Internet industry and E-commerce tax policy. Project of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology P.R.C, April 2012 – January 2013, Project Leader
[3]Microblogging communications from enterprise to consumer and its impact on brand attitude. Project of National Science Foundation P.R.C, January 2012 – Ending date, Main Researcher
[4] Study on process optimization of China Duty-Free Company, Project of CHINA DUTY FREE Company, March 2011 – January 2012, Main Researcher.
[5] Study on Improvement of Organizational effectiveness of China Duty-Free Company, Project of CHINA DUTY FREE Company, January 2012 – November 2012, Main Researcher.
[6]Study on
[6]Circuit analysis online course. Project of the Ministry of Education. P.R.C, March 2001 – November 2003, Main Researcher.

【Academic Achievements】
Publications in International Journals:
[1]FeiChen. “Research on the evolution of China’s telecom industry based on hyper-cycle Theory” Res. [J]J. Appl. Sci. Eng. Technol, 2012. No.20. (EI Index)
[2]Fei Chen, Zhang Xiaohang. “Research on evolution of Chinese telecommunication industry system based on dissipative structure theory” [J], Journal of Computers, 2011. No.4 (EI Index)
[3]Fei Chen, Yang Tianjian, Wang RuiYu. “Research on Evolution of Chinese Telecom Industry Ecosystem Based on Logistic Model” [J], Advanced Materials Research,2011.No5 (EI Index)
[4]Fei Chen, Zhang Xiaohang. “Research on Chaos Characteristic of Chinese Telecom Industry System Based on PSRT”[C], IEEE ICAMS 2010, No.(2) (EI Index)
[5]Fei Chen, Guo Guanqing, Shu Huaying. “Research and Application on Key Technologies of J2EE-oriented Urban Emergency Response System” [C]. CONFENIS 2007,IFIP October 15, 2007, No.10 (ISTP Index)
中文期刊文章(Publications in Chinese Journals)
[1]陈飞. “大数据时代信息经济发展趋势及对策建议“. [J] 宏观经济管理. 2014, No.3.
[2]陈飞. “电子信息产业调整振兴对策分析”. [J] 宏观经济管理. 2012, No.6.
[3]陈飞. “我国电信产业经济系统协同演化研究 [J] 宏观经济研究[J],2012.3
[4]陈飞、舒华英. 运营商与SP合作创新机制的演化仿真分析,《系统仿真学报》,2009.1,
[5] 陈飞、舒华英.基于主体的号码携带政策对移动运营商价格竞争影响的仿真分析[J], 移动通信 2007. No. 11.
[1] Fei Chen, Yi Zhang. “Circuit and Signal” [M], Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Press, 2007.
[2]Qi Wang, Xia Chen, Fei Chen. “E-government” [M], Press of Electronics Industry, April 2011.

【Social Appointments】
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