Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Female
     Dept: Business Administration
     Title: Professor (PHD supervisor)
     Academic Field: Financial Management, Management Accounting
     Email: heyingcn2001@126.com
【Education Background】
PhD in Management, School of Business, RenMin University of China

Financial Management, Cost Management Accounting, International Financial Management, Value Evaluation and Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Financial Strategy, etc

【Professional Experience】
2003.6- Present Director of Financial and Accounting Center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
1997.7-2000.7 Project Manager of finance department of Lenovo Group

【Research Interests】
Corporate Finance and Capital Market; Value Management and Capital Operation; Management Accounting

【Research Projects:】
Government sponsored research that I have been in charge of and participate in are as follows:
 2013.11-2016.12 Research on Inherent characteristics、Economic Effect and Managerial Response of Share Repurchases for Listed Companies(71302124), National Natural Science Foundation of China Project Leader
 2007.01-2010.12 The Financial Transformation of Telecom Companies (06YJC630002), Liberal arts and Social Sciences Projects, Ministry of Education of China Project Leader
 2012.03-2013.12 Research on the Key Factors and Effectiveness of implementing Financial Shared Service for Chinese Enterprises Group, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities Project Leader
 2010.03-2011.12 A Comprehensive Study on the Management and Control Model of Cash Flow and Financial Competitiveness Evaluation of Telecom Companies, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities Project Leader
 2011.02-2016.12 The Global Telecom Enterprises Report(2011-2016), Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Project Leader
 2013.03-2014.03 A Case Study of Investment and Financing Management of Chinese Enterprises, Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Project Leader
 2012.01-2013.01 A Frontier Research Report on Corporate Finance, Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Project Leader
 2013.11-2017.12 Research on Innovation, Information Transparency and Efficiency of Resource Allocation of Financial Reporting(71372193), National Natural Science Foundation of China Project Member
 2011.1-2013.12 A Strategic Research of Virtual Community Marketing Based on Social Network Analysis(10YJC630340),Liberal arts and Social Sciences Projects, Ministry of Education of China Project Member
 2012.08-2014.12 Investigation into the Paths and Policies to Accelerate the Integration of Telecommunications Network, Broadcast Network and the Internet, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Projects Project Member
 In addition, I am responsible for two cooperation projects with SASAC Research Council, namely The Research on Share Repurchase Mechanism in the Open Market and An International Comparative Study on Share Repurchase of Listed Companies
 Meanwhile, the corporate sponsored research projects that I am in charge of have also win wide acclaim, such as The System Construction of CNPC Financial Shared Service, The Financial Strategic Planning of Dandong Mobile, Program Design of Financial Transformation of Liaoning Mobile, Research on the Financial Fine Management of Tongliang Group and Global Information Technology Report, etc.

【Academic Achievements】
I have been devoted to the research on Corporate Finance and Capital Market, Value Management and Capital Operation, Management Accounting and related field for many years. More than 50 papers of my research works have been published on the National core journals and International Conferences, including Management World, Accounting Research, China Industrial Economics, Research of Economics and Management, Economic Management, Price Theory & Practice, Modernization of Management, Finance & Accounting, Communication of Finance and Accounting, Finance and Accounting Monthly, 4 papers of which are reprinted and adopted by RenMin university. Other monographs including The Financial Transformation of Telecom Companies, A Frontier Research Report on Corporate Finance, Financial Management: A Case Study of Chinese Enterprises. Above all, a report series entitled The Progressive Report of Global Telecom enterprises 2011-2013, whose subjects cover Financial Competitiveness, Value Creation, Capital Operation and Sustainable Development. Other translated treatise and books are Strategic Management Accounting, Pursuit of Shareholder Value, Corporate Finance, Financial Derivatives and the Internal Model, etc.

2011.11 Excellent Paper Award for The Fifth Jiang Yiwei Academic Fund of Enterprises Reform and Development
A Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation and Promoting Paths of Financial Competitiveness for Telecom Enterprises in View of Corporate Value
【Social Appointments】
Senior Member of China Accounting Association
Director of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration
External Auditor of some Academic Journals: Economic Management, Price: Theory & Practice, Communication of Finance and Accounting, Journal of Bupt (Social Sciences Edition), etc.
After attaining my Master’s degree from Renmin University in 1997, I was appointed to work as project manager in Finance Department in Lenovo and was mainly responsible for its financial analysis, financial planning and comprehensive budget management. Moreover, I started to involve myself in work with some consultancy corporations since 2000, to develop financial strategies and business plans, to help make financial budgets and feasibility plan of their investment projects as well as opening training courses for senior managers and offering consulting services on financial strategies, comprehensive budget management, integrated performance management and modern cost management for listed companies. With Solid theoretical foundation and social experience, I was invited to teach Corporate Financial Strategy for Chief Financial Officer learners in Tsinghua University and the Central University of Finance and Economics. Furthermore, I extend my research to the prospective studies on the financial restructuring of telecommunications companies. I have frequently been invited by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom Group to train on financial restructuring. My training partners include CFO Class of Tsinghua University and Central University of Finance and Economics, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Petrochemical, China Petroleum, UF Software, China Minsheng Bank, Motorola University and so on. Related training courses cover Operation-oriented Financial Management, Corporate Financial Strategy, Corporate Financial Statement Analysis and Risk Prevention and Value-oriented Financial Management.
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