Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Male
     Dept: Business Administration
     Title: Associate Professor (PHD supervisor)
     Academic Field: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Neural science
     Email: 13311887777@163.com
【Education Background】
2012-2014 Post-doctor Neuro management research University of Pennsylvania
2009 Ph.D Management Science Business School, University Rennes 1, France
2007 Doctor Business Administration, ESC-Rennes, France
2005 DEA Grenoble University 2, France
2003 MA Business Administration Antai College of Management and Economics
1999 BA East China Normal University

Consumer Behavior
Marketing in Service Sectors
Doctoral Research Methodologies

【Professional Experience】
Professional Degree Programs:
• Signed a cooperation agreement with Georgia Tech business school about starting an cooper-ative EMBA program since 2014
• First GEMBA project of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and entrepreneur-ial School of Lyon, 2013
• Developed GEMBA project with entrepreneurial School of Lyon, obtained approvals for the ministry of education. Only 100 places every year. (EM-LYON the financial times ranked sixth in Europe, innovation first in the world), 2012
• EMBA 100 places given by the Ministry of education in 2012 ran out, expanded report 50 places, 2012
• MBA project ranked 15 in manager magazine, first place of most improvement, second place of salary increases over the Tsinghua MBA, Nov. 2012
• Tencent’s appraisal of China’s top ten MBA College fo education, Sohu’s appraisal of China’s top ten business schools, Dec. 2011
• Ranked 16th place of “outstanding business school in China” in Eduniversal World Conference hosted by the authority of European, Oct. 2011
• Ranked 1st of new institutions in the 8th of Chinese market leadership EMBA, the best corpo-rate cooperation awards, the 1st place in feature college of MBA Awards, Jul. 2011
• 9th place in China’s most authoritative EMBA Rankings, May. 2011
• Got eligibility to participate in the sixth of the Gobi challenge, 2011
• Developed GEMBA project with entrepreneurial School of Lyon, obtained approvals for the ministry of education. Only 100 places every year. (EM-LYON the financial times ranked sixth in Europe, innovation first in the world), 2011
• MBA students’ tuition increases 37%, the online application of MBA increases 15%, Dec. 2010
• Ranked 2nd in “MBA graduates’ salary increase” by manager magazine, Sep. 2010
• Ranked 9th in China’s most influential MBA, ranked 5th in Best MBA, Sep.2010
• Opening ceremony of the second session of the EMBA, had 56 students, Sep. 2010
Research work
• Research grant reached 38 million in 2013, in which the research project grant was nearly 10 million with an increase of 16%, and the horizontal growth was 35%. Obtained all vertical topics within the social sciences, including 973, natural science, social science, soft science, the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, and awarded as one of three excellent schools.
• In the Ministry of education subject evaluation, ranked 19 among 117 participants, over Peking University, Nankai University, Wuhan University, Chongqing University, Sichuan University, and second only to the Fudan University, Dec. 2012
• Obtained Science Fund key project for the first time, Jul. 2012
• 2011 research grants 26 million, the research project grants nearly 8.6 million, an in-crease of 44%, horizontal growth is 15%. Obtained all vertical topics within the social sciences, including 973, natural science, social science, soft science, the Ministry of education and Beijing Municipal branch, Beijing, and awarded as one of three excellent schools.
• Obtained a major issue from the natural science fund, two key issues defense qualifica-tions, Jul. 2011
• Set up the office of scientific research, focus from scientific research management posi-tion to service management, Nov. 2010
EDP Programs:
• 2012 EDP project earning more than 10 million, 70% of all the training earning in Beijing University of posts and telecommunications.
• Advanced worker, School of Continuing Education(training), Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2012
• Set up the senior management development center (EDP), Nov. 2011
• May 2009 to April 2010: Director- EMBA and EDP, Business School, East China University of Science and Technology
In June 2009, East China University of Science and Technology was qualified for EMBA Education. In September, the 1st MBA program successfully began, recorded as the fastest one to start an EMBA class; in the same year, obtained eligibility to participate in the Gobi challenge qualifications held by CCTV. On January 8th, 2010, the EMBA program won the reputation as “the most viable institutions of EMBA”. On January 15th, the second term of EMBA starts; in 2010, developed an integrated project with UCLA; in 2010, East China University of Science and Technology ranked 1st among all the new EMBA universities.
• 2004 to 2009: China chief representative, ESC-Rennes, France (in charge of DBA, EMBA, MBA, EDP programs)
Director - DBA, ESC-Rennes - Management and Economics School of Shanghai Jiaotong University(concurrent)
•The first term of DBA project in Shanghai Jiaotong University, 2005.
•The first term of DBA project in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2008
•Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) programs of ESC-Rennes in China
•The first term of EMBA program of ESC-Rennes started, 2006
•Executive development programs (EDP) programs of ESC-Rennes in China
• 2004 to 2009: Director - DBA, Management and Economics School, Shanghai Jiaotong University
• 1999-2000: Editor, East Publishing Center, Bureau of Press and Publication of China

【Research Interests】
• Cultural values, lifestyle, customer perceived value of Chinese consumers ' buying behavior
• Neuro Management

【Research Projects:】
• 2013: “The neural mechanisms of risk decisions: Active and passive decision making”, New century talent support program project of the Ministry of education, 200,000 yuan, chairing project
• 2012: “Research on The adoption of cloud services and information security and privacy for individual customers”, Youth projects of National Natural Science Fund, 190,000 yan, chairing project, project number: 71201011.
• 2012: “Study of creative content management on facing the uncertainty-oriented Web2.0 user”, Key project of National Natural Science Fund, 2.5 million Yuan, ranked third, study leader, project number:71231002.
• 2012: “Study on the way of personalized recommendation based on network-a case study of Beijing consumers”, Ministry of education doctoral program of new teachers Fund, RMB 50,000, chairing project, project number: 20120005120001”
• 2012: “Study on the service recovery and retail productivity: models and effectiveness”, scientific research funds for the returned staff of Ministry of education, in 2012, 40,000 yuan, Hosting project, project number: #1707, the 45th "returned overseas scientific re-search foundation.
• 2012: “Research on strengthening the innovation of key industries’ research and devel-opment organization pattern ", Project of The Beijing municipal commission of economy and information, 200000 yuan, hosting program.
• 2012: “Research on the Information Development in the era of big data and related public policy”, Special project of Ministry of industry and information technology, RMB 200,000 yuan, Leading researcher, Project number: 2325.
• 2012: “Modern Service Industry”, Major projects of Chinese Academy of engineering, in 2012, RMB1.18 million, ranked third.
• 2012: Research on Cloud-Computing and Wireless Frequency Resource Management; supported by Ministry of Industry and Information
• 2011: Research on User’s Technology Adoption Behavior under the Cloud-Computing Service Model. Supported by the BUPT Research Innovation Plan of Ministry of Education. (Subject no. G470460)
• 2010: “The assessment and application research of the productivity of retail companies”; supported by Humanities & Social Science Fund of East China University of Science and Tech-nology (Grant no. WN0922015)
• 2009: “The productivity of local retail companies and the comparison with foreign countries”; supported by Humanities & Social Science Plan of Ministry of Education (Grant no. 09YJC630074)
• 2009: “Research on city consumers’ consumption behavior in China”; supported by the State Key Program of National Natural Science of China (Grant no. 70832004 ); leader of sub-project
• 2008: “Research on the business venturing potential of youngsters in Shanghai”; key project of Shanghai Municipal Committee of CYLC
• 2004-2005: “Research on the population structure of Shanghai and its impact on the sustain-able economy growth”; key project of Shanghai Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission

【Academic Achievements】
Publications in International Journals:
PAN Yu, LUO LiJuan, LIU Dan, GAO Li., Functional and symbolic values of cloud terminals: A study of user acceptance and purchasing behaviors, International Journal of Information Technology and Decision making(SSCI、SCI检索),2014, (Accepted)
XU Zhengchuan,PAN Yu, Liang Jun,LU Tingjie, A Context-aware Tour Planning System Based On Satisfaction Model, China Communications(SCI), 2013, 10(6): 156-163
ZHU Ling,Pan Yu,Gao Li. Brand Origin Recognition Accuracy on High-Involved Products: Cellphone Brands in China as a Case[J](SCI). China Communications, 2012, 9(9): 107-122.
PAN Yu, LUO Lijuan, GAO Li,LU Tingjie,《Context-Aware Service Modes in the Cloud Computing Environment》China Communications(SCI), ISSN 1673-5447, Vol.2 No.2 Feb 2012,pp86-95.
PAN Yu, Gao Li, Gérard Cliquet, CHEN Xiaoyan 《Influence of Chinese Traditional Values on Consumer Behavior: The case of mobile phone in Shanghai》China Communications(SCI), ISSN 1673-5447,2011,Vol.8 No.3 May 2011,pp118-132
SHAO Xiaofeng, Pan Yu. Supply Chain Collaboration and Disruption Mitigation Capability, Interna-tional Conference on Management and Service Science 2009,9.
PAN Yu,《Sinograms & Marketing in China》,Journal of Lisbon University,2006(2):40-44.
中文期刊文章(Publications in Chinese Journals)
潘煜、范静、赵艳琦、万岩,《面向群体重叠的市场渗透理论模型与实证研究》登记号(S20131269),北京理工大学学报社会科学版(CSSCI),2013年12月,Vol.15 No.6 51-63。
潘煜、罗丽娟、高丽、刘丹、吕廷杰,《基于网络生活方式的云服务购买意愿影响研究》,系统管理学报(CSSCI-自然科学基金为A类推荐期刊),2013 Vol. 22(4):477-486。
高丽、潘煜、万岩,《企业文化、智力资本和企业绩效的关系研究—以高科技企业为例》, 系统管理学报(CSSCI-自然科学基金为A类推荐期刊),ISSN1005-2542,2013年1月23日 (已录用)
朱凌、高丽、潘煜,《高介入度产品品牌原产地识别准确度研究--以中国市场电视机品牌为例》, 系统管理学报(CSSCI-自然科学基金为A类推荐期刊),ISSN1005-2542,2013年Vol.22(2), 239-250。
潘煜、朱凌,《用对错觉迷惑式品牌错觉》,北大商业评论, ISSN 1674-0734, 2012年8月,94-99.
潘煜、朱凌、刘丹,《低介入度产品迷惑式品牌名称的原产地认知研究--以瓶装水、洗发水、服装为例》管理学报,Vol.9 No.1,2012,pp1-11。(此文章被中国人民大学书报资料中心复印报刊资料《市场营销(下半月×理论版)》2012年第05期全文转载。)
潘煜、张星、高丽,《网络零售中影响消费者购买意愿因素研究》中国工业经济,ISSN 1006-480X,2010年第7期, pp115-124。(此文章被中国人民大学书报资料中心复印报刊资料《贸易经济》2010年第11期全文转载。)
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Book Reviews
1.潘煜、高丽译《地理营销》,Gerard CLIQUET,GEOMARKETING著,上海三联出版社,(ISBN 978-7-5426-3816-8/F.625),2012。
2.PAN Yu,Chinese Traditional Values and Lifestyle for Marketing in China, GB,London,ACA Publishing House,(ISBN 978-0-9555854-4-2),2010.

• Winner of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan. 2013
• The fourth Chiang Yi-wei Enterprises Reform and Development of Academic Foundation Prize Paper Award (the highest academic achievement award of the State Enterprise Management every four years), Nov. 2011
• Advanced worker, School of Continuing Education(training), Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 2012
【Social Appointments】
• Ph.D Mentor, School of Economy & Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecom-munications since May. 2012
• Professor, School of Economy & Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommuni-cations since May. 2010
• Affiliate Professor, ESC Rennes, France since Apr. 2010
• Associate Professor, East China University of Science and Technology from May, 2009 to May 2010
• Anonymous reviewer, Decision Science since Jul. 2013
• Communication expert, National Natural Science Foundation since Mar. 2013
• Member, Academy of marketing science (AMS) of United States since Mar. 2013
• Director, Intellectuals Association Board, Haidian District, Beijing since Dec. 2012
• Expert members, National Telecommunication Users Committee since May. 2012
• Director, China Association of Communication Enterprises since May. 2012
• Vice chief editor,《Telecommunication World》since Jan. 2011
• Director, China Management Association since Nov. 2010
• Affiliate Professor, Business School, Shanghai University since Aug. 2010
• Director, China Marketing Association since Jun. 2009
• Director, China Information Economics Society since Apr. 2009
• Course lecturer at Shanghai Jiaotong University since Jul. 2007
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