Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Female
     Dept: Business Administration
     Title: Associate Professor (master's supervisor)
     Academic Field: Organizational Behavior; Applied psychology
     Email: cwjbupt@163.com
【Education Background】

2004-2007 INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOLOGY, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, BEIJING, CHINA Candidate for Ph. D, Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management

Supervisor: Kan SHI. Dissertation: The Contingent Analysis of the Mechanism of Transactional Leadership and Transformational leadership

Graduate-level program conducted entirely in English. Courses included Economic, Statistics, U.S.-China relations, Game theory, American History etc.
M.A. in Educational Psychology Supervisor: Zhongmin, LIN.
Dissertation: The characteristics of college students’ identification of studying and working motivation and the educational implications

Organizational Behavior; Leadership; Research method

【Professional Experience】

【Research Interests】
Leadership; Consumer behavior

【Research Projects:】
The Structure and Mechanism of Transformational Leadership
supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 70471060 )
Construct the Innovational Culture in Scientific & Technological Field
supported by Beijing Science and Technology Committee (RK04-21)
China Mobile
Appraisal for province-level top management team in China Mobile, responsible for questionnaire design, data process and coordination.
Consumer behavior for the e-commence
The motivation analysis of the cell phone consumers in China
MBA program of the school of management, GUCAS
responsible for the team-building program.

【Academic Achievements】
Wenjing CHEN . What Influences Online Unplanned Consumer behavior? International Journal of Psychology, 2012,172.
Wenjing CHEN .What are the factors influencing online-group-buying? 2012, The XXX International Conference of Psychology, Cape Town in South Africa.
Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. Does income level matter in the relationship between transformational, transactional leadership and leadership effectiveness? International Journal of Psychology,2012,492.
Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. Measurement for Team Innovation - Comparison for Multi-Sources Appraisal. Advanced Materials Research. 2011,32
Wenjing CHEN, Teng Yue. What’s the reason for Online Unplanned Purchase? 2010, International Conference on E-Business and E-Government, Guangzhou ,China
Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. The factors of Interpersonal Influence in HR management. 2009,31(2):0193-0197
Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. Work-related Stress and Depression Susceptibility for the Sanitarian Manpower in Country. 2009,The 3rd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, Beijing, China.
Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. The Structure of Transactional Leadership in China, 2008,The 29th International Conference of Psychology, Berlin Germany.
Wenjing CHEN, Xu Changjiang, Kan SHI. The Effectiveness of Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership in Higher Education in China,2008, The Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California.
Wenjing CHEN, Zhongmin LIN, Kan SHI. The Structure and Measurement of the perception of IIT for college students in China. Human Efficiency.2007,13(2):23-26 (in Chinese )
Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. The development of transformational leadership and transactional leadership. Management Review. 2007,19(9):22-29 (in Chinese )
Kan SHI, Wenjing CHEN, Chaoping LI. The structure and mechanism of transformational leadership in China. Australian Journal of Psychology.2005,57: 132-133.
Wenjing CHEN, Zhongmin LIN, Kan SHI. The feature of college students’ recognition on interpersonal interaction influencing strategy. 10th National Psychological Academic Conference. Oct. 2005, in Shanghai.(in Chinese)
Changjiang XU, Wenjing CHEN, Kan SHI. The comparative analysis of effectiveness of transformational leadership and transactional leadership in university managers. 10th National Psychological Academic Conference. Oct. 2005, in Shanghai (in Chinese)
Kan SHI, Wenjing CHEN, Chaoping LI. The structure and mechanism of transformational leadership in China. The 6th Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference. .July 2005.Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

【Social Appointments】
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