Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Female
     Dept: Business Administration
     Title: Assistant Professor
     Academic Field: U-I collaborative innovation; Knowledge spillovers; University science and technology policy
     Email: tianhua77@bupt.edu.cn
【Education Background】
2000/09—2003/03 School of Management, Zhejiang University, Bachelor
2006/09—2010/06 School of Public Management, Zhejiang University, Doctor

Corporate Governance; Nonprofit Organization Management; Strategic Management of Technological Innovation

【Professional Experience】
2003/06—2011/10 School of Economic and Management, Lanzhou University of Technology
2012/03— School of Economic and Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

【Research Interests】
Dr. TIAN Hua is lecturer of Innovation and Organization Studies at the School of Economic and Management. Before joining BUPT in 2012, she taught at the school of Economic and Management in Lanzhou University of Technology for eight years, where she led a research project on ‘Research on High-tech Industrial strategic development of Gansu Province’ (The sub project of Eleventh Five-Year Plan of Gansu Province).
She’s recent research has focused on the role of universities: knowledge spillovers, entrepreneurship and economic growth. It has a specific emphasis on how U-I collaborative innovation and the innovation network influence knowledge creation, organizational innovation and innovation performance. She also has a long-standing interest in the engineering education, especially on work and careers of scientists and engineers, and other creative knowledge workers (such as professional doctor).

【Research Projects:】
University knowledge spillover effects in U-I collaboration innovation networks. Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (20130005120001).
Research on dynamic collaborative innovation mechanism in U-I virtual knowledge alliance:the perspective of open science. BUPT (2014RC0603)

【Academic Achievements】
Representative Academic Achievements in recent years.
TIAN Hua. Regional University development: the perspective of knowledge spillovers [M]. 2011, Economic Science Press, Beijing.
TIAN Hua, ZHANG Xuemei. University knowledge spillovers in U-I collaborative innovation: a case study on Lanzhou University of Technology[C].2012, Proceeding of ISMOT’12(EI Index).
TIAN Hua, JIANG Shimei, WANG Zhaohui. The New Realm of Engineering Talents Cultivation: D.SCHOOL Model and Inspiration [J]. Higher engineering education, 2014(4):36-40.
TIAN Hua, WANG Zhaohui, WU Weie. Review of Research on University Knowledge Spillovers: Based on the Perspective of University- industry Collaboration Network [J]. Science paper Online, 2014.6.21.

【Social Appointments】
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