Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Female
     Dept: Applied Economics
     Title: Professor (PHD supervisor)
     Academic Field: Network Industry economy
     Email: W_hong@263.net
【Education Background】
2001-2004 Ph.D. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing
1998-1999 Visiting Scholar Department of economy of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
1994-1997 M.S. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications ,Beijing
1986/5-1986/9 Visiting Scholar Department of telecommunication management,Finland
1978-1982 B.A. Capital University of Economics, Beijing

Undergraduate Courses: Telecommunication Economics; Western Economics
Courses for Master: Telecommunication Industry Economics
Courses for MBA: Investment and Securities

【Professional Experience】
1983-2014 Teaching in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
Director of Network Economic Industry Center
1982-1983 Political Work in Beijing Party Committee Propaganda Department

【Research Interests】
Industry Economy: network industry economy; information industry regulation; Internet finance.
Informatization: rural informatization; universal service.
Industry management: Asset Assessment for information industry; strategy for telecommunication operators.

【Research Projects:】
1) Philosophy and social sciences funding from Ministry Education,” collective innovation of integration of production, teaching and research under the resource integration mechanism”,project number: 13JHQ041,2013-2015.
2) Philosophy and social science planning project of Beijing,” virtual world on Beijing's economic and social influence and government regulation”,project number: 11JGB064, 2011-2013.
3) Philosophy and Social Sciences funding from ministry of education,” Virtual Currency Research under Network Economy “, Theory and Application Project number: 09JHQ018,2009-2011 .
4) Henan Provincial Planning Project,” Construction of system for Performance Evaluation of local government” ,Project number: 2010B837, 2010-1011.
5) Commissioned by the company project, ”the development prospect consulting of SME data center”, project number: S2013103,2013-2014.
6) "Twelfth five year plans" of MII pre-research project, “ the implement strategy of telecommunication in the new period to service the ‘three rural issues’ ”,2009-2010.
7) Commissioned by the company project, “ restructuring research for kai yuan chemical research Ltd in Changzhou” ,project number: S091-2006175,2006-2007.
8) Commissioned by telecom operators project,”research for realization of telecommunications Universal service from satellite communications in western rural area” , project number: S022-2003082,2003-2004.
9) Commissioned by the company project,” case study: quanjude group”, project number: S006 -2002035 , 2002-2003.
10) American ford fund project,” universal telecommunication service in Chinese countryside” , 2002-2004.
11) Commissioned by the company project,” The way of business of ‘the suppliers never say’, project number: A019 -2000043, 2000-2001.
12) Education reform of BUPT project, “study on teaching of economic profession and research interaction mechanism “,2011-2013.

【Academic Achievements】
Book Publications
1) Wu Hong,Foreign Telecom Management, BUPT Press.
2) Wu Hong, Zhang Xiao Tie,Telecommunications Universal Service Research, Posts and Telecom Press.
3) Wu Hong(translator), Equity risk premium - the long-term prospects of the stock market, China Machine Press.
4) Wu Hong(translator),Telecom market regulation and entrances, BUPT Press.
5) Wu Hong, Huang Xiuqing, Yuan Chunhui,Telecommunication Economics, 2th edition, BUPT Press.
6) Huang Xiuqing, Wu Hong,Telecommunication Economics, 3th edition, BUPT Press.
7) Zhu Baoxian, Wu Hong (translator),International Economics, 5th edition, Tsinghua University Press.
8) Zhu Baoxian, Wu Hong (translator), Investment, 4th edition, Translated by , China Machine Press
9) Zhu Baoxian, Wu Hong, Peng Hui,Investment Question and Answer.
Journal Publications
1) Wu Hong ,The birth of the virtual world, integration of differentiation, and the future development, Beijing Social Science Planning, 2013,05.
2) Zhuang Tao, Wu Hong, Study On Three Spiral International Cooperation Based on Mutual Information Measure Research, Journal of Information, 2013,12.
3) Wu Hong, Fang Yinqing, Zhang Ying,The nature of the crazy digital currency, COINS and enlightenment, Journal of Beijing university of posts and telecommunications (social science edition), 2013,06.
4) Wu Hong, Hu Chun, Mode of Operation of the Joint Development of University Research under the environment of network, Education Teaching BBS, 2013,01.
5) Zhuang Tao, Wu Hong, Three Screw Measure Research of Production, Teaching and Research Based on the Patent Data, Management World, 2013,08.
6) Fang Yinqing, Wuhong, Dynamic Mechanism Analysis of the Integration of Virtual World Based on the Theory of Actor-Network , Value Engineer, 2013.
7) Yin Yan, Wu Hong. Model Characteristics of Financial System of Singapore's Public Housing, Securities & Futures of China, 2012,12.
8) Yue yujun, Wu Hong,The Question Analysis of Virtual Currency and Government Regulation, Economic Survey,2012,11.
9) Sun Lulu, Wu Hong,The Analysis of Development and Challenge of Beijing Wireless City, ChinaBroadband Strategy and Innovation Symposium (30) Proceedings,2012,12.
10) Hu Chun, Wu Hong,The Study of cooperation platform of production, teaching and Research for Telecommunication and Information University,Science Tribune, 2012.10.

【Social Appointments】
Associate Editor , Journal of BUPT
Council , China Technology Economic Research Committee
Reviewer for many Journals
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