Teachers' personal information

     Gender: Female
     Dept: Applied Economics
     Title: Professor (PHD supervisor)
     Academic Field: Applied Economics, Finance
     Email: gracepenghui@126.com
【Education Background】
[ 9/1995- 7/1998 ] Graduate School of People’s Bank of China (Renamed as PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University) PH.D./Finance
[ 9/1991- 7/1994 Wuhan University M.S./Economics
[ 9/1987- 7/1991 ] Wuhan University B.S./Economics

Undergraduate Courses
1. Money and Banking
2. Venture Capital Management
3. Financial Markets
4. Fiscal and Tax
5. Macroeconomics
MBA Courses
1. International Finance
2. Securities Investment and Financial Markets
3. Project Risk Management
MSc Courses
1. Fiscal Theory and Tax Practice
2. Financial Risk Management

【Professional Experience】
[ 12/2013-Currently ] Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Professor/Director of Internet Finance Research Center
 Research topics: investor behavior in extreme market, regional fiscal policy, regional economic growth, monetary policy, financial institutions management, internet financing, credit risk in e-commerce,.
[ 7/2005-12/2013 ] Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management
 Research topics: risk management, monetary policy, financial institutions management, virtual money in MMORPG, credit risk in e-commerce, Post service, Post Bank.
[ 9/2009-8/2010 ] Stephan Ross Business School, University of Michigan
Visiting Scholar
 Research topics: mutual fund flow, regional economy, monetary policy.
[ 8/2003- 7/2005 ] Joint Post-doctorate Program of Renmin University, and, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Post-doctorate Researcher
Research topics: securitization, risk management, bank reform
[ 1/2001- 8/2003 ] China Merchants Bank
Relationship Manager /Financial Institutions Department
 Inter-bank product development, bilateral cooperation, credit line and risk management on financial institutions, ISDA agreement review, documentation on derivative, foreign exchange, syndicate loan and bond repurchase.
[ 10/1998- 1/2001 ] China Merchants Bank
Foreign Exchange Treasurer /International Business Department
 Treasury, inter-bank loan granting
[ 7/1998- 10/1998 ] China Merchants Bank
Foreign Exchange Settlement /International Business Department
 Back office for inter-bank dealing
[ 7/1994- 9/1995 ] Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
International Settlement /Shenzhen Branch
 Letter of Credit, trade finance

【Research Interests】
Finance——Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy; Financial Regulation; Investor’s behavior; Mutual Fund; Risk Management; Securitization; Commercial Bank Management; P2P Financing; Internet Finance; Real Estate Finance
Regional Economy——Regional Economy growth; Regional economic policy; Regional fiscal policy; regional debt affordability.
E-commerce——Credit risk in e-commerce market; online reputation system; trader’s behavior in e-commerce market.
Online Games and Virtual Currency——Charging Mode of Network Game; Subscription dynamics of online game; Virtual currency in online game; Exchange rate of virtual currency against real currency; gamer’s activities.

【Research Projects:】
1. RMB 600,000 / Director, “Forecast and Pre-warning Technology of Mutual Fund Flow”. Total grants of RMB 600,000 from Lion Fund Management Limited Company. April 2009.
2. RMB 20,000/Director, The Portfolio Balanced Model based on Multi-Market Arbitrage: the Impacts of International Capital Movement on Exchange Regime and Macro-economic Policy in China. Total grants of RMB 20,000 from Social Science Fund of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
3. RMB 32,000/Director, The Development of Venture Capital in China and Setting up Funding System for Medium and Small Enterprises. Total grants of RMB 32,000 from Shenzhen Zhongjikong Limited. August 2006-January 2008.
4. RMB 30,000/Main Researcher, The Stock Limited Reform of Changzhou Kaiyuan Chemicals. Total grants of RMB 70,000 from Changzhou Kaiyuan Chemicals Company. July 2006-January 2007.
5. RMB 120,000 / Director, Project “Growth Path of Haidian, Xicheng and Chao Yang District in Beijing”, Haidian Development and Reform Committee, 2013/05-2013/09.
6. RMB 100,000 / Director, Annual Report of Medium and Small sized companies in Haidian District, Haidian Development and Reform Committee, 2011/09-2011/11
7. RMB 80,000 / Director, Evaluation of Regional Economy Development in Changping District, Changpin Development and Reform Committee, 2013
8. Director, “Efficiency and Social Welfare during the Marketization of Networked Service Enterprises and Regulation Suggestion, Youth Academic Research Fund of BUPT. 2009-2011.
9. RMB 60,000/Co-Director, Data Analysis on Reciprocal Mails Testing among 30 Big Cities, Co-directed by Hairong Yang and Hui Peng. Total grants of 200,000 from the State Post Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. May 2008-October 2008.
10. RMB 100,000 / Co-Director, Research on Monitoring Mails Delivery Timeline, Co-directed by Hairong Yang and Hui Peng. Total grants of RMB 300,000 from the State Post Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. November 2007- June 2008.
11. RMB 100,000/ Co-Director, Research on Regulatory Measures on Cross-national Courier Enterprises under the Framework of WTO, Co-directed by Hairong Yang and Hui Peng. Total grants of RMB 460,000 from the State Post Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. November 2007-July 2008.
12. RMB 20,000/ Main Researcher, Convergence of Transportation Network and Communication Network, directed by Jianqiu Zeng. Total grants of RMB 80,000 from the State Post Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. July 2008-December 2008.
13. RMB 20,000/Main Researcher, “Research on Promoting the International Competition Power of China’s Telecommunication Enterprises under Internationalization Environment”, Directed by Jianqiu Zeng. Total grants of RMB 160,000 from State Natural Science Foundation, 2008-2009.
14. RMB 100,000/ Main Researcher, “The Opening Strategy of Government Purchase for Postal and Courier Service”, Directed by Hairong Yang with total grants of RMB 400,000 from State Postal Administration, April 2007-October, 2007.
15. RMB190,000 / Director, Project “ Improvement and integration of the credit rating model in C-C e-commerce market based on trader’s credit behavior model”, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No.70972122, 2010-2012).
16. RMB 30,000/Director, Economic Perspectives on Online Virtual Community and the Virtual Financial Market. Total grants of RMB 30,000 from Research Grants of School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. September 2008-September 2010.
17. Member of Research Group, Virtual Currency Research under the Background of Network Economy: Theory and Application, Back-end Sponsorship Fund of Philosophy and Social Science, Ministry of Education, 2009-12-17~2012-6-5。
18. Member of Research Group, The Impact of Virtual World on Economy and Social Life in Beijing and Related Regulation Method, The Fund of Philosophy and Social Science of Beijing Municipal,, 2011~2013.

【Academic Achievements】
1. Hui Peng, Risk and Future Tendency of Financing Mode of Internet Finance Business and its Trading Mechanism. Forthcoming, 2014.
2. Hui Peng, Research on Hot Money and Asset Price Bubble, China Finance Publishing, 2010.
3. Hui Peng, Wen Yang, Research on Liquidity of Shanghai Security Exchange, Hunan Science and Technology Publishing, 2010.
4. Hui Peng, Strategy Research on Investment Banking Businesses in Commercial Bank under Constraints of Regulatory and Market Constraints (250 thousands words). In The Foreword-looking Research on China’s Banking Industry: the Post-doctor Researcher’s Collective Works from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Beijing: China Finance Publishing, 2006.
5. Wei Zheng, Hui Peng and Rong Zhao, The Future of China’s Finance Market. Beijing: China Finance Publishing, 1999.
6. Hui Peng as Associate Editor, The Defining and Disposing Measures in Current Illegal and off-boundary Behavior in Current Financial Industry. Beijing: China Democracy and Legal Publishing, 1996.
1. Hui Peng, Xiaolin Jiang, Hong Wu, “Dynamic Characteristics of Redemption Puzzle of Stock fund and Purchase Anomaly”, Management World ( in Chinese), No. 6, 2012, pp. 68-81. (CSSCI)
2. Peng Hui, Luo Rui, Sheng Yongheng, “The Analysis of the Effect of Market Sentiment on Open-ended Funds Redemption Flow”, Shanghai Finance, no.2, 2012. (CSSCI)
3. Geng Tian, Hui Peng, Yijun Li, “Herd Behavior in Purchase and Redemption of Open-end Fund”, China Finance, vol. 11, 2011, P.79-80. (CSSCI)
4. Hui Peng and Xueling Wu, “The Tranching Dynamics of Securitization:a Framework Based on-Valuation Differences”, Journal of Financial Research, November, 2006. (indexed by CSSCI)
5. Hui Peng, “The Analysis of Trading Structure of Securitization of NPLs”, Journal of Financial Research, April,2004. (indexed by CSSCI)
6. Hui Peng, Yulu Chen, “An Analysis on the State-Owned Bank’s Behavior in NPL Disposition”, China and World Economy, volume 13 Number 2, March-April, 2005.
7. Hui Peng and Yong Li, “Return Analyze and Risk Management in Non-Performing Loan Securitization: the impact of Securitization on Originator”, Studies of International Research, July, 2004. (indexed by CSSCI)
8. Hui Peng, “The State-owned Bank Reform and Non-Performing Loan Disposition: an International Perspective”, China Finance, 16, 2004. (indexed by CSSCI)
9. Hui Peng, “Herding Behavior and Bubble under Asymmetric Information: Microstructure Theory in Financial Market”, Journal of Financial Research, November, 2000. (indexed by CSSCI, be quoted 147 times)
10. Hui Peng, “The Effect of Non-Performing Loan and Implementation Design”, Finance Forum, Volume 9, No.3, 2004. (indexed by CSSCI)
11. Hui Peng, “International Experiences of Non-Performing Assets and its Implications”, Modern Commercial Bank, No.5, 2004.
12. Hui Peng, “Risks in International Bond Investment”, China Foreign Exchange Management, No.4, 2000.
13. Hui Peng, “Bubble Phenomenon in China Economy”, Modern Banker, No.3, 2000.
14. Hui Peng, “The Systematic Analysis on Stock Market in China”, On Economic Problems, No.2, 1997. (indexed by CSSCI)
15. Hui Peng, “The Compatibility of Planned Economy and Market Economy, JiangHai Academic Journal, No.5, 1993. (indexed by CSSCI)
16. Hui Peng. “Widen Funding Channel to Ease the Pressure of Stock Market”, China Securities Daily, November 13, 2004.
17. Peng Hui, Analysis on why Bank of China cancel its Renminbi oversea settlement business, China Merchants Bank Reasearch, 1999, 23.
18. Baoxian Zhou, Hong Wu and Hui Peng, Student Problems and Solutions Manual for Use with Investments (a translated version of Investment Test Bank and Solutions Manual by Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane and Alan Jmarcus). Beijing: HZ Books, 2006.
19. Hui Peng, “Chapter 6. Asset-Liability Management of Modern Banks”. In Modern Bank’s Structure Management, edited by Jianhui Zhang. Jilin: Jinlin People’s Publishing, Novermber 2005.
20. Hui Peng “Chapter 1. Basic Theory of Securitization”, “Chapter 7. the Non-Performing Loan Securitization in Commercial Banks” and “Chapter 11. Case Study in Asset Securitization in China”. In Securitization of Credit: An Approach to Capital Market, edited by Jianqing Jiang. Beijing: China Finance Publishing, October 2004.
21. Bo Ning, Jiutao Wu, Hui Peng and Jianye Zhao,Using Chaotic Neural Network to Forecast Stock Index, Sixth International Symposium on Neural Networks, May 26-29, 2009, Wuhan, China. Springer LNCS.
22. Hui Peng. “Information Structure, Model Difference and Transaction Structuring: the Forming and Matching of Valuation Differences in Financial Assets Transaction”. In Proceedings, The Second Chinese Finance Meeting, 2005, Tianjing, China.

1. Reviewer Experience
a) Reviewer, National Natural Science Foundation, 2011 till now
b) Reviewer, Journal of Computer Science and Technology, special issue on Trust and Reputation Management in Future Computing Systems and Applications, 2008, China.
c) Reviewer, Journal of Financial Research, China.
d) Reviewer, project from Development and Reform Commission, Haidian District, Beijing
e) Reviewer, Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication Social Science Edition, 2010 till now
2. •Marquis Who’s Who , Economics, 2011
3. The First-Prize Award of Excellent Finance Research Paper by Shenzhen Financial Association in 2003 for the paper: “Herding Behavior and Bubble under Asymmetric Information: Microstructure Theory in Financial Market”, published in Journal of Financial Research, November, 2000.
4. The Second-Prize Award of Master Student’s Research Paper: “an analysis on the compatibility between Planned Economy and Market Economy”. Wuhan University, December, 1993.
5. The Third-Prize Award of Social Investigation Activities for the paper: “an Investigation on Roadway Transportation Market in Suburban Area”. Wuhan University, 1990.
6. The Excellent Paper Award of Bachelor Thesis for the paper: “Innovation and Economic Regime”, Wuhan University, 1991.
7. The Second-Prize Award for International Banking Business Competition by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, 1994.
8. The Award of Graduate Student Qualification waiving for examination for excellent in university study and performance. Wuhan University
9. Scholarship, Wuhan University, 1988-1991.
10. Best Student of Wuhan University, 1990.
【Social Appointments】
[ 10/2013- ] Shenzhen Stock Exchange Independent Director Member Certification
[ 9/2005- ] Associate Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology (AICIT), Member
[ 9/2005- ] International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, Senior Member
[ 9/2005- ] Professional Risk Manager’s International Association (PRMIA) Member
[ 9/2005- 9/2009 ] Post Service Development and Research Centre, BUPT Secretary
[10/2002- ] Global Association of Risk Professionals Certified FRM, Member
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