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     Gender: Female
     Dept: Applied Economics
     Title: Associate Professor (master's supervisor)
     Academic Field: Applied Economics
     Email: gaocong@bupt.edu.cn
【Education Background】
2006 Ph.D engineering Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
1996 MA Economics Wuhan University
1988 BA Economics Shenyang University

Economics 3212110021
Economics is not a body of facts or propositions to be memorized. It is instead a way of thinking about the world. Memorization is not enough. Even the ability to derive and prove logical or mathematical propositions does not suffice. Insight and intuition must also be cultivated. But insight and intuition have to be earned by hard intellectual labor. Though traditional “narrow economics” has concentrated on the study of markets, one of the directions in which “broad economics” has moved has been to examine behavior within organization. Theory is useless unless it leads to applications.
Information Economics 3211100604
The goal of this course is to provide a synthesis of information economics like adverse selection, moral hazard ,and mechanism design by highlighting the common themes and methodologies that unite this field. The course also presents methodological results in the key application areas where they have been developed, in labor economics, organization theory, corporate finance, or industrial organization. The philosophy of the course is to stress applications rather than general theorems, while providing a simplified yet self-contained treatment of the key models and methodologies in the literate. Over the years, every chapter of this course has been tested in the classroom at ECARES, Tilburg, Princeton, MIT, Helsinki ,and Harvard.
Electronic Commerce and the Revolution in Financial Markets2160040
This course aims to show the roots of tomorrow’s online financial sector, highlighting what we see as keys for success in this new business paradigm. Rapid advances in technology and financial innovation, along with an ever-changing regulatory environment, are reshaping the future of the financial services industry. The focus has been on examining how the Internet is currently being used to improve communications between brokers and investors, banks and their checking and savings account holders, insurance companies and their policy holders, and mutual funds and their customers. With the rapid advances of information technology, more new innovative markets will be developed to solve traditional problems. It is fair to say that our understanding of markets is still at an early stage. More research, experiments, and innovative applications are expected in this area.

【Professional Experience】
2004-2014 Associate Professor in Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
1999-2004 Lecturer in Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
1996-1999 Professor Assistance in Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications

【Research Interests】
Applied Economics
Information Economics

【Research Projects:】

【Academic Achievements】
Publications in International Journals:
“Mobile Payment is Promising in China’s small-sum Payment Services “, Cong GAO ,2004,Service Systems and Service Management—Proceedings of ICSSSM’04.Beijing. July 19-21,2004.
“ STUDY ON THE PROTOCOL OF E-COMMERCE FOR CHINA”, Cong GAO, 2004,The International Telecommunications Scoitey-15th Biennial Conference. Berlin. on Septembe4-7, 2004.
“Quality and Price Discrimination in China’s Mobile Market”, Cong GAO,2005, International Telecommunications Society: Africa-Asia-Australasia Regional Conference. Perth. 28-30 August 2005.
“Economic Analysis of the Intermediaries in the Cyber-business Model”, Cong GAO,2006, The International Telecommunications Scoitey-16th Biennial Conference. Beijing. Jun13-15, 2006.
中文期刊文章(Publications in Chinese Journals)
“动运营商将成为中国移动支付市场机制的设计者”, 高丛,2008,通信市场,2008(12)

【Social Appointments】
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