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BUPT EMBA and EDP Programs Participate in the World China (Beijing) 4G Conference and Exhibition
promulgator:超级管理员   2011-05-23 10:03:30

                                               From May 19th to 21st 2011, the World China 4G Conference and Exhibition was held in the China National Convention Center (Beijing). BUPT SEM’s EMBA Education Center and EDP Senior Management Development Center participated in the conference on behalf of BUPT – the only educational institution attending the exhibition. The president of SEM, Professor Lv Tingjie, invited as a distinguished guest and expert, gave a remarkable speech at the conference.

The World China 4G Conference and Exhibition was hosted by Tongshang International Economic and Cultural Exchange (Beijing) Center, supported by China Communications Standards Association, the Radio Association of China, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, International Wireless Communication Association, 3GPP/ETSI, IETF, and etc., co-hosted by Yankee Group, QQ.com, ifeng.com and etc.

BUPT is China’s Top Information Technology University. Through the exhibition,  SEM has successfully promoted BUPT’s high quality educational programs and demonstrated the leading role and educational advantages to communication enterprises.  



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