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SEM Holds 2012 MBA Degree Conferring Ceremony in the Great Hall of the People
promulgator:超级管理员   2012-07-08 15:06:30

                                               It is graduation time; a time for students to reap the hard work they’ve sown over the past years. Today, graduates waved goodbye to teachers and fellow classmates and started a new journey; “the wide sea allows the fish to leap about and vast sky the birds to fly.” On July 7th, 2012, SEM of BUPT held 2012 MBA degree conferring ceremony in the Great Hall of the People. Participants of the ceremony included nearly 200 DBA, EMBA, MBA graduates; Minister and Academician, Mr. Zhu Gaofeng; the President of BUPT, Professor Fang Binxing; the Chairman of the Academic Committee of BUPT, Professor Zhang Yinghai; the President of SEM of BUPT, Professor Zhou Hongren; the Assistant President of BUPT and Executive President of SEM, Professor Lv Tingjie; Vice-president of SEM, Professor Pan Yu; the Vice-president of the Graduate School of BUPT, Professor Zhang Lin; Chairman of the Academic Committee of SEM, Professor Tang Shoulian; SEM leaders, French delegate Michel Delorme, alumni delegates, faculty delegates and graduate family member delegates, all celebrating this memorable occasion.

The Vice-president of SEM, Professor Pan Yu hosted the ceremony. The degree conferring ceremony was declared open in the midst of a joint singing of our national anthem.


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