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The Tenth Year Anniversary of “Century Forum”-Information Industry Elite Forum Successfully Held
promulgator:超级管理员   2012-11-17 15:09:30

                                               On December 10th 2012, the Ten Year Anniversary of “Century Forum”, also known as Information Industry Elite Forum, was successfully commenced in the Science Lecture Hall of BUPT. Invited experts included Professor Zhou Hongren, Executive Deputy Director of the Advisory Committee for State Informatization and President of SEM of BUPT; General Manager of the E-commerce Division of China Unicom, Mr. Zong Xinhua; Assistant President of BUPT and Executive President of SEM, Professor Lv Tingjie; MBA professors of BUPT, Senior Advertisement Consultant of China Mobile, China Telecom and CCTV, Mr. Wang Lixin; specially invited discussion host, CEO of telecommunication portal CCTIME, Mr. Xiang Ligang; these distinguished guests exchanged views on their vision of the information industry development in the Age of Big Data. M, General Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice-president of SEM, Ms. Luo Hong; General Secretary of Youth League Committee and Deputy Director of Student Affairs Division, Mr. Ren Xiongfei; Vice-president of SEM, Mr. Nin Lianju, Deputy General Secretary of Party Committee of SEM, Ms. Xu Linjie, also attended the forum.  

After a show of a video clip and sand painting unveiling the ten year development of the forum, the Ten Year Anniversary of “Century Forum”- Information Industry Elite Forum, was formally declared open. First, President Zhou Hongren made the opening remarks. President Zhou expressed his sincere wishes for the tenth anniversary of Century Forum, affirmed the development of the forum, and expressed his expectation that the forum would hold firm to its founding spirit and concerted efforts would be made to develop the forum into a new academic exchange platform. Then, President Zhou Hongren lectured on “Embracing the Coming of Big Data Age”. In his lecture, President Zhou Hongren discussed the coming of the Big Data Age, big data and information industry development, and the inevitability of the industrialization trend of data center against the background of massively increasing rate of data quantity.  

Then, Mr. Zong Xinhua explained China Unicom’s practice and experience of developing e-commerce, the advanced development of e-commerce industry, the popularity of online purchasing, and the fast development of online enterprises; he also gave detailed presentation about flow advantage and exploitation of the enterprise’s strengths.

Professor Lv Tingjie made a remarkable speech on “Thought on Flow Management in the Age of Big Data”. Professor Lv Tingjie refreshed the audience’s memory of the information communication technology history, emphasizing the importance of IT thinking, and analyzed the developing trend of social media.

In the end, Mr. Xiang Ligang hosted the discussion round. The experts present held an in-depth discussion about the potential changes in the information industry, how operators would develop, as well as what roles products made by China would play worldwide. The experts also provided explanation about business models, cyber space, and other theories against the background of big data.

The students of BUPT benefited greatly from participating in this year’s forum, which was the culmination of constant progress made in the industry and forum over the past decade. As the forum drew to another successful conclusion, there were many wishes for future forums of similar caliber.



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